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Signs Your Refrigerator's Lifespan Is Near To an End

We use kitchen appliances on a daily basis and among them a refrigerator is, no doubt, the most important one as it keeps our foods in perfect condition and helps them stay fresh as long as possible. Of course, we need our refrigerator to perform at its best all time, and, for this reason, it can be a huge hassle if you own a refrigerator that's near to the end of its lifespan. Therefore we need to be prepared for this situation and know the signs our refrigerator's time is about to end. So take a look at a few things you should pay attention to in order to prepare yourself for the new refrigerator purchase. 

You Food Is Going Bad

At some point, you may notice that foods stored in the fridge go bad even before their expiration date. This happens mostly because the refrigerator is unable to maintain the desired temperature inside the appliance. There are few different things that can lead to this issue. If it's not a problem with the gasket or a motor, it's probably due to the fact that your refrigerator is just old. So you might want to consult a professional to determine what's the cause of an issue, because if it's not a part malfunction, you may need to replace your refrigerator. 

Build Up Frost

If your refrigerator or freezer seems to be building up frost, this can also indicate a problem with the internal temperature. Again, you may need a professional to find the cause of the damage, but it’s definitely worth taking a look to make sure the problem doesn’t get worse.


Normal thing about a well-functioning refrigerator is that it makes minor noise in a standard tone. Yet, if it becomes loud it may mean that the motor started working at full speed constantly to regulate the inner temperature which means it's overworked.

On the other hand, if you're experiencing the opposite - your refrigerator makes no noise at all that probably means that the motor is not running fast enough or not running at all. Have a professional take a look at the issue and see if your refrigerator's time is up to date. 

Outer Condensation

Have you noticed that your fridge door seems to be condensing? This is one of the most common signs a refrigerator is dying, and it’s usually a problem with the gasket or seal. Refrigerator door seals are crucial for keeping cold air in and warm air out. If there is a tear or break in the door seal, cold air will leak out, leading to spoiled food, excess energy usage, and inflated electric bills.

If you’re experiencing one of these issues with your refrigerator, it’s definitely time to consider replacing it with a new one. At Town Appliance, we can offer you a brand new freestanding or built in refrigerator for sale from various high-end brands and always within your planned budget.