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Should You Buy a Bosch WAW285H2UC Laundry Washer?

Today we will talk about a Bosch washer. As the name Bosch is widely known for quality, the expectations of this model are absolutely fulfilled in terms of performance, style, and efficiency. Since Bosch successfully runs their business for over 130 years, their reputation already gives us enough security.

Our review model today is Bosch WAW285H2UC laundry washer. This is a model from the 2020 collection. And as it’s expected from the newer appliance, it’s very well produced to ensure great performance for standard homes. It has a 7kg load, which is about 15,5 lbs. If you need a bigger load for your home, Bosch offers a selection of models with 8,9, and 10kg loads. Besides this, it performs at 1400rpm spin speed and has an outstanding A+++ energy rating. In addition to these conveniences, Bosch also boasts washer models of 1500-1600rpm spin speed. These are the measurements of the model:

  • Width: 23.5"
  • Height: 33.25"
  • Depth: 25"

Modern and Useful Design

The factor that makes Bosch WAW285H2UC stand out from the rest of its similar models, is that besides great features and conveniences in terms of usage, it has a great modern design. And this is not just for aesthetic reasons. Each side of the washer contains concentric circles. This anti-vibrating innovation ensures that noise is absorbed, as well as for the washer to be stable during cycles. Besides this, it has EcoSilent Drive which provides additional noise reduction, making this washer perfect for apartments, studios, and similar.

Forgot Something? - No Problem

This washer also includes a reload feature which gives you the possibility to load additional clothes during the beginning parts of the program, by just pausing the cycle. This is possible if the temperature hasn’t reached 50 degrees or more.

Keeps Clothes Safe

Another great feature of Bosch WAW285H2UC is the stainless steel molder lifters in the drum. Most machines have plastic ones, but with Bosch, they will repel any possibility of damage being done to the clothes, and generally help its maintenance.

Speed It Up

And it doesn’t stop there. This washer also contains a mixed load program, that can help you reduce its wash time even up to 65%. Some customer reports say that it can wash up to 8-9 lbs load in 40 minutes, which makes it perfect for the ones who are always on the run and need their laundry handled quickly.


You can check some of this washer’s amazing features here in the list below:

  • EcoPerfect Cycle Reduces Energy Consumption by Adjusting the Temperature
  • AquaStop(R) Plus Provides Extra Protection Against Water Damage
  • EcoSilence Motor Delivers Quiet, Efficient and Long Lasting Performance
  • 14 Wash Cycles
  • 10 Options
  • Premium User Interface with Illuminated Control Dial
  • Interior LED light
  • Large LED Display with Remaining Time
  • Snag Free Structured Stainless Steel Drum
  • AntiVibration Circular Side Walls Reduce Vibration
  • Sensor-Controlled Automatic Washing Programs
  • ActiveWater(R) Technology for More Efficient Water Use
  • Energy Star(R) Qualified
  • Child Lock
  • AquaStop-(R) Leak Protection System
  • 24 Hour Delay Start Timer


Additionally, here’s a list of some specifications of this washing machine you may need to know before you make a purchase:

Needless to say that Bosch WAW285H2UC really stands out from the washers of its range and price in terms of features, efficiency, and all the conveniences we’ve listed above. And with these references it would make a great choice for any type of household, which brings us to our answer - you should buy a Bosch WAW285H2UC! At Town Appliance, we offer this washer model at an outstanding price of $1.549 with rebates available. If needed you can always check for our financing plans. Besides this model, you can also take a look at our wide selection of top-notch washing machines for sale online.

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