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Matching Appliance Finishes With Kitchen Styles

If you’re renovating your kitchen or the time has come for your kitchen appliances to be replaced, there are numerous decisions you’ll have to make. Things that need to be considered are size, features, energy efficiency, prices, as well as the design of the appliances. As kitchens and appliances have evolved there are more color choices than ever before, and fortunately, there is no longer a need to choose just one. Read on to learn everything you need to know about successfully mixing appliance colors.

Should We Match the Appliances?

You're the only one who can have the right answer to this question. Regarding the experience of the other homeowners there’s always a chance that you have different taste and visions. If you listen to the designer recommendations, there’s a good chance you might need to renovate your kitchen every year just to keep up with the trends, and, let’s be realistic – not many of us do that much for trendy. Matching appliance finishes can look pretty nice if you pick some less brave colors and play with their nuances, or make it a total opposite – with a single appliance standing out from the rest of your kitchen with some strong orange or blue. So, if you still experience issues with finding your own style, the best answer to “Should we match the appliances?” would be – Why not?

Just to give you a hint, these are a few styles and colors you may find useful or trendy in 2021: 

Minimalist Kitchens

Minimalist design is certainly among the most popular during the past decade and it will definitely remain in style for a long time. Minimalism is reflected in simplicity of colors and details. The most frequently used color is white with different shades of grey. The advantage of using white is its ability to make spaces appear larger and spacious. Regarding cabinetry in minimalist kitchens , they are more concealed, they store more items, and occupy less of the open space. Lighting in these spaces is usually discrete, usually found under cabinets, bringing a bit of warmth and illumination. As for the appliances, both white and shades of grey, with touch or hidden controls would make a way to go.

Orange Statement

This is a vibrant color that draws the attention and, for sure, the one color most interesting to interior designers during the past two years. Orange is used as a color that acts as the focal point of the room. Therefore the term “statement” as it will steal the attention whether you paint a part of your wall, or have some of your cabinetry painted in it. Also, it works beautifully to add an orange item or detail to your kitchen interior if you’re going for an industrial design. And as you need an orange detail for your kitchen, it would be good to place a nice orange range, refrigerator, or some other appliance since nowadays you can find many high-quality appliances with orange finishes.

Also, as a sub-approach, we would recommend to add another color to orange, so the center of your kitchen could be in color contrast (ex. Orange appliance with a dark blue countertop).

Contemporary Stainless Steel

This is the kitchen style everyone loves. And why not, since this is the no-mistake option that always looks fresh and modern. Stainless steel can even most easily make older kitchens look new and improved. It simply goes well with everything. Most of the stainless steel appliances today are fingerprint-resistant which is great if your kids are curious and they put their little fingers everywhere. Even cleaning will be a breeze. Not to mention that stainless steel appliances would be the easiest to find and pick your favorite since these finishes are the most common ones.

We gave you just a few hints, so you can more easily decide where to start from when renovating your kitchen. If you have another great idea, feel free to share it with us – who knows, you might even turn out to be a trendsetter. Meanwhile, browse through Town Appliance, find some of the best appliance brands in the industry and pick your favorite appliances to enhance your kitchen experience.

Anyways, now that you have the hints on how to modernize your kitchen, and if you're planning to do so, check out our huge selection of kitchen appliances like refrigerators, wall ovens, cooktops, ventilation hoods or kitchen ranges for sale here at