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Purpose, Maintenance and Changing the Washer Lint Filter

The invention of the washing machine improved our everyday lives greatly. What once seemed like a back-breaking activity became a quick and easy laundry-washing routine. Thankfully, its easy to put your laundry into your washer, set the temperature, insert the detergent and turn it on. However, if you dont take proper care of your washer and avoid checking your lint filter, your washing machine may break down sooner than expected. One essential part of a washer is a lint filter, which will occasionally need maintenance. This article will guide you through how a washer lint filter functions and how to clean, change and maintain it.

What Is a Washer Lint Filter?

Similarly to lint filters in dryers, every washing machine has its method of trapping unwanted particles while washing your laundry. Lint filters trap lint, hair, and other things, keeping your clothes lint-free and making your washing machine run smoothly. They usually look like plastic containers with a net. However, don’t be surprised if you find out that your lint filter looks different. Every washer brand and model has differently designed lint filters that require specific cleaning methods. Knowing that your washing machine has a lint filter is one thing, while understanding the importance of maintaining its functionality is another. If you want your washing machine to last longer, ensure you learn how to take proper care of it.

Where Is It Located?

When finding the exact location of your lint filter, remember that its location depends on the design of your washing machine. In some washing machines, you can detect a lint filter easily, while you may experience difficulties finding it in others.

Depending on the washing machine you own, you can find a washer lint filter in different places like:

  • The rim of the drum
  • Anywhere around the center agitator
  • Behind a hatch on the front unit
  • At the end of the washers drainage hose
  • In the bottom pocket of your washing machine

If you still experience trouble locating the lint filter in your washing machine, be sure to read the user manual, as it will most likely contain the information you need. Otherwise, you can always contact a repair technician who can show you where it is and advise you on cleaning and maintaining it.

How Can You Clean a Washer Lint Filter?

Youve purchased a washing machine, and after a couple of months, you notice that it works a bit less efficiently than before, leaving lint, hair, and dust in your laundry. This may indicate that its time to clean the washer lint filter.

Depending on the type, brand, and model of your washing machine, there are a few ways you can clean a washer lint filter:

  • Soak it in hot water
  • Brush it
  • Insert a new filter (if your washing machine owns a disposable lint filter)

Either way, ensure you understand how certain lint filters work, as you want to avoid damaging the filter or other parts of your machine while cleaning it.

How Often Should You Clean Your Lint Filter?

Most often, your washing machine can indicate that it needs a lint filter cleaning or replacement. You can see that it’s time to clean your filter when you take the final look at your washed laundry, and if it's captured lint and loose hair, it’s time for a filter cleaning. You should practice cleaning or changing your filter every 3-4 months, but we advise you to check your filters monthly, as it doesn’t take up much time. That way, you can avoid possible malfunctions and enjoy your lint-free laundry for a long time. On the other hand, there are some filters that you don’t have to change as often, so ensure you learn how your washing machine works and how often you should maintain its lint filter.

When Is the Right Time to Get a New Lint Filter?

If youve used your washing machine for some time, you may have experienced repairing or changing its parts. Due to frequent washing machine usage, you may have to purchase and change your lint filter. If your lint filter is broken, severely clogged, or doesnt seem to trap lint as before, that would be the best time to consider getting a new one. Also, dont forget to check other parts of your washing machine located next to the lint filter, as they may be why your washing machine isnt working properly.

Also, dont forget that some washing machine lint filters are disposable and require you to change them now and then. So, ensure you learn how often you should change them.

What Happens if You Dont Take Proper Care of Lint Filters?

Maintaining your washers lint filters is a must if you expect it to run smoothly and deliver fresh clothes free of dirt, loose hair, and lint. If you dont take proper care of the lint filter, you can expect various complications such as:

  • Further damage to your washing machine
  • Formation of mildew and mold
  • Non-filtered laundry can carry germs and toxic particles that can be harmful
  • A shorter life span of your washing machine
  • Your clothes can have lint and detergent residue and smell bad.

As soon as you understand the importance of maintaining a washers lint filter, you can avoid encountering washer-related problems in the future.

Although washing machines are a part of everyday home appliances, you must treat them like part of your family. You need to maintain, clean and invest in them if you want the best results. While it may seem complicated at first, maintaining your lint filters doesn’t require much time and energy. However, forgetting that it needs care can create complications that may need a lot of time, effort, and money to repair. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Additionally, if you are in search of upgrading your laundry room with a new washer, can offer you a great variety of models from the most famous brands in the industry at great prices, so feel free to visit us online or contact our customer service for more information.