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Product Review: Cove DW2450 Premium Dishwasher

SubZero group is widely known in the appliance market, and with their Wolf and Cove brands, they constantly upgrade the quality of both residential and commercial appliances. Besides that, they’re expanding their business in terms of features and geography. Today, we will focus on Cove, especially one of their newer models.

Cove is a recently-introduced brand by SubZero, that specializes in dishwashers. Cove dishwashers are made to last. They clean thoroughly, they’re made of premium-grade materials, and, interestingly, some of these come with an option for customization. 

This particular product was being announced for a longer time. The situation was the same when Wolf appliances were first introduced. The deadlines were pushed several times as it was more important for appliances to meet the criteria than to meet the deadline. This is why we’ve been waiting for a long time for a Cove DW2450 dishwasher. Now, it’s been almost three years since it’s on the market and let’s see what this appliance’s reviews state.

Practical and Innovative Look

It’s a similarity to most dishwasher models, but Cove DW2450 comes perfectly ready to be built into your cabinetry and fit your kitchen design. Besides standard, this model is available with a stainless steel front panel, so if your kitchen appliances are SubZero or Wolf, you can be absolutely sure your dishwasher will fit other appliances flawlessly. It comes with an LCD display and touch screen controls that perfectly match those on Wolf cooking appliances. Additionally, according to customer reports, it has a highly user-friendly control panel. 


Again, according to customer reports, another great fact about Cove dishwasher is the flexibility in loading. The dishwasher cavity has three built-in racks. The whole top rack is for flatware, therefore, it gives you the possibility of reserving lower racks for additional larger items. If you’re loading these larger items, the uppermost rack is removable.


Cove dishwasher has four main programs: auto, normal, heavy, and quick, as well as a list of additional ones intended for more special use like soak and scrub, light wash, crystal/china, plastic, energy conservation, and more. Washing cycle times vary according to how detailed the cycle is. Times go between 50 minutes for a quick wash and go up to 5 ½ hours for the most thorough ones. Some of these programs are created without the possibility to edit some of their components like temperature or length, depending on which type of dishes they are intended for. 


A very important convenience of this dishwasher is the fact that it’s very quiet. Also, if you need to, you can always use the “extra quiet” program when you hear almost absolute silence during cycles. It also turned out to be extremely efficient as a full load washing and drying takes approximately 3 hours without pre-rinsing. Consumer reports, also, state that this Cove dishwasher model has a more efficient drying cycle than any other premium dishwasher of its generation. 

During our research through customer reviews and consumer reports about Cove DW2450 dishwasher, we found none of the cons. Turns out that this dishwasher completely fulfills the expectations of a premium appliance. If you’re looking to buy built in dishwasher and provide a perfect treatment to your dishes, check out our vast array of premium dishwashers at Town Appliance and ensure the most attractive retail prices with excellent service. Visit our nearest showroom or shop online at Town Appliance.