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Most Suitable Appliances for Smaller Homes

Most Suitable Appliances for Smaller Homes
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Studio apartments, small one-bedroom homes and lofts… most of these places have one thing in common; they have little to no space. This is where 2-in-1 appliances work best, as they allow one appliance to work in versatile ways. So if you follow the list below, you will find your small apartment starting to feel bigger, without having to knock down any walls.

A Washer/Dryer Combo

If you live in a condo or a smaller apartment, washer and dryer combo is a perfect appliance to meet your needs and save some space. As we've stated before, this combo appliance is both a washer and dryer in a single unit so there's no need to have two separate appliances. Besides standard features of a washer and dryer, this appliance gives a possibility to be programmed to wash your clothes and then dry them both in a single cycle which is much more efficient in many ways. 

Convection Microwave Ovens

This microwave comes very useful for smaller spaces as it can fulfill many tasks of a convectional oven, meaning that it has various very cool features. they can cook a very large variety of meals and different foods, yet save the space which makes a smaller kitchen more useful. These convection microwaves can easily defrost, reheat and cook your food, and, additionally, have the option of baking, roasting and grilling. 

Integrated Appliances

These integrated appliances have been designed to be completely built into your kitchen cabinets. Integrated appliances are specifically designed so their performance is not affected by their installation into your kitchen cabinetry.

All integrated appliances are made with standard features you would expect to see in quality modern appliances. Having an integrated appliance will help you save a tremendous amount of space in your home.

At Town We Have It All

If you feel the need to save up on your existing space in a studio, apartment or smaller house, going with smaller appliances is the way to go, as nowadays, high-end technology provides the best of performance in the smallest possible package. Check out our wide selection of integrated, small, and combo appliances at Townaapliance.com - your most trusting home appliance retailers.

Who Are We and Why You Can Trust Us?

At Town Appliance, we bring over 45 years of experience and expertise in the appliance industry. Since 1979, we've grown from a small local business in Lakewood, New Jersey, into the most reliable appliance retailer in the tri-state area, with four large showrooms and nationwide delivery.

Our team consists of appliance experts who are not just here to sell but to help you buy what you really need. Our recommendations are based on real-world use, not just specifications.
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