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LG TrueSteam Technology

In the past, hot water and steam were the only suitable way to disinfect. Today, households mostly rely on chemicals. However, some cutting-edge solutions from LG allow us to return to those more efficient, cleaner, and healthier methods. If you have recently purchased a washing machine, you may have noticed that some models offer a "steam wash" function. And if you're wondering if this feature is worth considering - well it depends on your cleaning needs but this system has proven to be extremely efficient. Steam cleaning and disinfection is not a new invention, as steam has been in use for the last 150 years for cleaning numerous materials as well as fabrics.
On the other hand, during spring and allergy season, it is recommended to use chemical-free solutions. This is especially true if we spend a lot of time at home, therefore, it’s important to keep allergens and bacteria as far away from our homes as possible.
The use of steam during cleaning has numerous advantages if it’s used as a natural solution for hygienic maintenance, which is explained to us by experts from LG. 


How Does Steam Clean?

Our grandmothers preferred to use the power of boiling water for a reason, because the steam kills 99.9 percent of the bacteria that can be found in every home. There is no doubt that we’ve saved a lot of time with the advent of household appliances such as dryers, washing machines, and dish washers. However, the main drawback of these appliances in maintaining cleanliness is the excessive use of chemicals and additives. On the other hand, when you spray boiling water, it penetrates the particles of the material, so it gently and effectively removes invisible bacteria and allergens. 

Steam-Cleaning Fabric

In the past, fabrics were "steamed" over large oval containers, eventually the process would be accelerated thanks to ironing. Today, we can find the option of steam cleaning in household appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers as well as some dishwashers. Water and steam are a very effective tandem when cleaning because, after the water washes, the steam dries and makes the clothes soft and wrinkle-free when the process is over. Steam has advantages at every stage of washing: it loosens the fabric at the beginning and helps to dissolve dirt, which makes it easier for the detergent to penetrate deeply into the clothes. At the same time, the steam disinfects the clothes, softens them, and reduces wrinkles during the washing cycle. It does all this very gently because the clothes are in direct contact with steam at 140 degrees, which is a sufficient temperature to remove the bacteria. 
Steam is also very suitable for sensitive skin, small children, and people who struggle with allergies. Hot steam, which can replace fabric softener, is good for people with sensitive skin and removes 99.9 percent of allergens hiding in clothes and stuffed toys. This will make washing machines that work on the principle of steam especially attractive for households where a new baby is expected or some family members that struggle with allergies.  Baby's skin is sensitive to cleaning agents, but their clothes are often washed and disinfected, and for people who are allergic, it is extremely important to remove allergen particles that in some cases can cause serious respiratory problems. Some washing machines are specially adapted to the needs of small children and people with allergies. For example, LG's "Baby Steam Care" function effectively removes detergent residues embedded in the fine threads of clothes by washing them with hot water for a super-quiet, vibration-free wash, so you won't be disturbed if you decide to take a break from your daily chores. Another feature is the "Allergy Care" program specially designed to remove dust particles that cause allergic reactions.

Steam Refreshes the Clothes

If you don't want to wash your clothes, but refresh them, steam can help you with that too: With TrueSteam machines, you can put on almost any piece of clothing again after just 20 minutes, as the hot steam refreshes the textile, removes all unpleasant odors and straightens creases. LG has created a special appliance  - the Styler - in which you can do all this quickly and easily.  This device, with the help of steam, allows you to refresh, disinfect or dry up to three items of clothing at the same time. In addition, the Styler is specially designed to help you with delicate fabrics that you would normally have to take to dry cleanings, such as suits or sweaters. Hot steam is applied directly to the clothes, which neutralizes unpleasant odors, while the movable hanger gently straightens the fabric, after which its gently dried out. On the door of the appliance, there is a pad that irons, disinfects, and removes all wrinkles, wherever they are, and regardless of the fabric they are made of.

TrueSteam Doesn't Just Wash Clothes

The advantages of steam are not only intended for cleaning and disinfecting different textile materials. There are dishwashers that use the power of steam to sterilize glasses, dishes, and utensils, using fewer chemicals which means less chemicals go down the drain or onto your dishes. For example, LG's TrueSteam-branded steam-powered appliances generate steam inside the appliance, which effectively removes dirt, stains, and food residue. In addition, steam washing leaves fewer stains and water droplets on the dishes than the standard wash setting, so dishes and glasses are sparkling clean.  While steam cleans effectively and gently, the washing itself can be further improved by choosing a dishwasher that has a functional jet, so that water pours over the dishes from multiple angles.
The exclusive LG QuadWash technology cleans dishes quickly with four spray arms instead of the usual two. They also rotate in multiple directions, and therefore the high-pressure water jets reach all corners evenly, preventing even the smallest traces of food from staying on your pots and bowls. With the help of the two-zone washing function, it’s possible to set different jet strengths at different levels to protect the most sensitive dishes, so that at the same time heavily soiled pans can be washed on the lower rack and the finest glasses on the upper rack. 
Thanks to LG TrueSteam technology, dishes are clean and free of unwanted water stains that often occur with less efficient appliances.  A powerful jet of steam at the beginning of the cycle dissolves even the most stubborn dirt, while the second jet of steam removes up to 60% of water stains during the drying process. The steam has a powerful effect, but at the same time, it’s gentle on delicate dishes. 
It’s not always easy to arrange pans of different sizes and bulky containers on the shelves. This problem is solved with the new LG machine models by their simplified adjustment of the shelf height. Even the plate holders can be lowered, giving you more space and the ability to wash several items at once. The temperature inside the LG machine reaches up to 180 degrees during the rinse cycle, which allows for superior hygienic care of dishes. Another great advantage of LG QuadWash™ machines is their extremely quiet operation, which is advantageous for relaxing in the evening or if you tend to start your dishwasher before bed. Thanks to the inverter Direct Drive motor, which is covered by a ten-year limited warranty, this machine is one of the most quiet in its class.
As you can see, this TrueSteam technology can be a real lifesaver, especially for those who suffer from a higher sensitivity to chemicals. This revolutionary system from LG was implemented into all of their washing appliances: washing machines, washer/dryer combos, and dishwashers. Additionally, they've introduced us to the Styler - the most cutting-edge appliance for clothes maintenance, which leaves you free from spending time and money on commercial dry cleaning. Check out some of these TrueSteam appliances by LG and more here at