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Kitchen Technology Innovations Nowadays

The development of various features in appliance technology led us to conveniences that ease our errands much more than just a few years back. And this is not just regarding the features of smart appliances but a much wider range, and most of those advantages are shown in the kitchen. As some of these technologies mature, they’re more into practice, and become a part of greater number of households, therefore, become much more affordable. So we would like to point you into the right direction and show some of the innovations you may consider when you get to shopping for your next appliance, and make your life more comfortable.

Trivection Ovens

Convection ovens are used to improve the efficiency of cooking during the past decade. Now, we’re slowly being introduced to a new technology, which will probably become the highlight of the third decade of 21st century. Many brands are releasing the new type of technology which will become more and more popular in both residential and commercial use. Trivection ovens, are newly introduced appliances that use the combination of convection, microwave and thermal cooking process to perform much greater efficiency in cooking speed and quality.

Tablet Cooktop

Even it’s still in a prototype concept, Whirlpool is in the process of implementing a new technology to a new interactive cooktop that has a tablet-like control surface. The idea of this interactive cooktop, is for the user to circle the desired area around the pot placed on the surface which will become the hot cooking surface. The user only needs to set the cooking time and temperature. Additionally, alike to the smart refrigerators, the surface will be able to display recipes, current content of a smart refrigerator as well as many other conveniences. If this doesn’t mean future what does?

WiFi Connection

As we live in the era of connectivity, through smart phones and WiFi, the interaction has been upgraded to a higher level, and it’s not limited to just people any more. As the beginning of implementing artificial intelligence, this connectivity allows us to communicate in certain ways with machines, as well as control their behavior too. In the appliance industry, this gives us an opportunity to use our smart phone as a remote control for our appliances. Which among other things will let us, for example, preheat the oven on our way home, so the meal would be ready in almost no time.

Microwave Barcode Scanning

Microwaves are the appliances used almost every day, but it seems not many of us are aware of all of their possibilities and features, therefore, some are often unsure of how to use them properly. As there are those who may wonder how long should food be cooking or defrosting, this feature proves to be extremely useful. Some microwaves of the latest production have barcode scanners. The point of having a barcode scanner in a microwave is for it to scan the barcode from the product placed in the oven, and immediately set itself to the correct settings. There’s no need to say more right?

WiFi Instantpot

This may seem as a traditional induction cooktop but the performance of Instantpot is much more than that, and this appliance appears to take a huge part of kitchens around the country already. The instantpot is a computer controlled pressure cooker that can warm, steam, and cook many foods in around half the time compared to traditional methods. Additionally, instantpot has WiFi controls, so with a simple app, or Alexa, the cooking process goes directly from the comfort of your chair.