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Kitchen Renovation and Popular Designs

Kitchen Renovation and Popular Designs

The kitchen represents the soul of the home. Besides the living room, it's the place where most time is spent. In the kitchen, the family gathers and eats together, chatting and catching up each day. That's why it is important to have a kitchen that is decorated in a high-quality and beautiful way.

Before you start, it’s important to know its purpose. If you are only going to prepare food in it, then you should equip it practically. Arrange all the important appliances for a kitchen, such as range, refrigerator, sink, etc., so that they are within easy reach. Once you have determined the size and layout of all the kitchen elements, you will know how much space is left for custom furniture for your kitchen.

If you still want to create a place from the kitchen where the family will gather together, then the kitchen should be combined with the dining room. Such custom kitchens are separated into two parts: a part for cooking and a part for socializing. They can be separated from each other with the help of a marble bar, a corner set, or simply beautiful curtains. You can also move from one part to another, which can be easily separated using some kind of working surface. If the need arises, you can turn it into a seating area. The most practical thing is to create an open kitchen if you are able. This means that it's connected to the living room in your home. Such a space gives you a lot of freedom when decorating. You can place a large dining table in a custom-made kitchen. 

If your kitchen is smaller, don't despair. You can decorate such a kitchen nicely and warmly. Custom kitchens are a good choice for small spaces. Worktops made of marble last a long time and should reach every corner of your kitchen. Don't be afraid of prefabricated elements either. They are easy to maintain and also hide large devices. You can save a lot of space with folding tables and chairs.

Most Popular Kitchen Designs

Whether you have a large, small, or even a custom kitchen, it can be arranged in many different styles. Each of them carries its own special charm. In order to make it easier for you to decide on the one that is closest to you in terms of preference, we will present several different styles.

French Style Kitchen

France is a country of elegance and refinement. This style of kitchen decoration symbolizes a healthy, peaceful country life. The colors that dominate in French-style kitchens are soft tones of white and yellow. Hanging lighting, glazed showcases as well as mobile stands are details that simply must find their place in your kitchen. The marble slab adds a special touch of charm. Other symbols of French kitchens are wooden elements, porcelain dishes, as well as various other antiques. Fresh flowers will add a fresh, delicate look to your kitchen.

Italian Style Kitchen

For your small custom kitchens, this style of kitchen decoration is the best. Italian kitchens are traditionally small, which is why the Italians came up with the best ideas for such a kitchen arrangement.

White Kitchens

Although these kitchens seem small to the eye, they are very beautiful and functional. The arrangement of the kitchen elements is primarily responsible for this look. Shades of white and beige with clean and straight lines give modernity to such kitchens.

Light Colored Kitchens

Bright kitchens feel as though they have soul. The white color of the walls and kitchen elements combined with the light oak wood floor will give life to your kitchen.

Comfortable Italian Kitchen

The creamy white color will give your kitchen charm and a touch of elegance. Black chairs fit particularly nicely into this kind of environment because they create a great contrast.

Modern Italian Kitchen

Kitchens with yellow walls give a comfortable ambience. The modern look is enhanced by adding floating shelves. With cream wood tones, these shelves attract spices of all flavors to find their home.

Elegant Italian Kitchen

Elegant Italian kitchens are a combination of traditional and modern. Modern details will give your kitchen a contemporary feel, while traditional details like a walnut floor will give your kitchen a rustic touch. Let nostalgia take you back to your childhood in your grandmother's kitchen, at least for a moment.

Minimalist Style

Even if you are a fan of modernism, this is the style for you. This style of decorating your custom, small kitchen shows that you are practical. There is no room for excess dishes or appliances. The minimalist style is the right combination of useful and contemporary. Modern kitchen elements make life in the kitchen much easier. The most common colors in kitchens decorated in this way are white and black, with white walls and black work surface. Most of the appliances used in this kitchen style are built-in and come with custom panels. 

Necessary items of every minimalist kitchen arrangement are metal dishes, a ventilation hood above the stove, as well as hidden drawers. Accessories and dishes are arranged in such a way that they facilitate work in the kitchen in the most efficient way.

This style can seem a bit controversial, but with a few cheerful details, that can be changed. What's important is that you like this style of arrangement of custom-made kitchens.

Retro Style

Perhaps the retro style is a reminder of some older times and is still very much in fashion. It brings the sensations of childhood, warmth, and welcome to your kitchen. In  the kitchens with retro decor, wooden rounded tables, plastic chairs, as well as special details, like tins for storing utensils, find their place very nicely.

Flowers, checkered cloths or an old radio especially fit this style. Details such as colorful bowls or decorative plates on the wall with black and white tiles definitely evoke nostalgia for more beautiful times.

This style, although it may seem outdated to the eye, can easily be combined with all the modern elements that can serve you in decorating the kitchen.

Problems That May Arise When Decorating the Kitchen

In order to arrange your custom kitchen the right way, you need to avoid some problems that may arise in the process. Problems tend to arise when you don't consider all the practical and impractical aspects of your kitchen. Think about what you want to achieve in your kitchen. When you anticipate all these problems lurking around the corner, you can fully devote yourself to decorating your ideal kitchen.

Life is a mixture of magic and food. The kitchen is the place where both are created. Therefore, in order for your life to be magical, your kitchen should be, too. Feel free to take some time going through a few of our articles to get more ideas on decorating your kitchen space and upgrading your kitchen appliances at Townappliance.com

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