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How to Keep Your Refrigerator Organized?

Since you took time and effort to buy a new refrigerator, it would be good to spare just a bit more to make sure you will always have everything functional and neat when it comes to keeping your food fresh and cool. Here we will provide for you a few simple steps to keep your refrigerator organized whether it’s newly purchased or slightly older, so you will experience the most of its usage.

First and foremost, the importance of having a clean appliance is huge. If your refrigerator is previously purchased, make sure you clean the back of the fridge from leftovers. Also, before you start organizing, empty your fridge entirely. This will ease your cleaning, sanitizing all the surfaces, wiping dirt and stains and similar. Also, it would be advised to add a deodorizer to your fridge to avoid the unpleasant smells spreading.

Your upper shelves are to be reserved for the foods that are ready to eat. Since they are at the highest point of your refrigerator, it’s advised to avoid placing raw food there. Therefore, foods such as yogurt, dairy and similar should find their place on your refrigerator’s upper shelf.

One of the interesting hints you can use is to make a box of foods that is to be eaten first for the products which are about to expire. Also, you can purchase suction cups which are extremely useful for storing smaller products that can be forgotten in the back of the fridge and expire.

Foods such as meat, and other raw products are to go on your refrigerator’s lower shelves. Try to group the similar products together into baskets which will provide the easier access to them. Plus, the old good labeling of items is always a good way to go.

As for the drawers on the bottom of your fridge, they’ve shown to be quite handy for storing fresh food. These drawers contain less humidity and keep items like fruits and vegetables fresh and safe much longer. If you need extra organization within this section, you may use the drawer dividers, as well as place some paper towels on the bottom of the drawers to provide extra cleanliness.

Many people use door hacks of their fridge for eggs and milk. However, this is usually a bad idea since they are the warmest part of a refrigerator. These hacks are ideal for storing products such as condiments, butter and sauces, which are less perishable than the other products. A kind and useful thing you can do is to reserve the lowest door hack for kids’ drinks and similar items they will be able to grab on their own.