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How to Hide Your Kitchen Appliances

We all enjoy our kitchen appliances and the way they make our lives easier, but as much good as they do for our time and effort saving, they don't really do a great job in saving our space. If you own a greater number of kitchen appliances, whether small or large ones, implementing them into your desired kitchen design could be kind of a hassle. When it comes to smaller appliances, they're easier to move around, but for larger appliances, this is not the case. So, for those who wonder how to create a stunning minimalist kitchen without it looking overstuffed with appliances we've listed down a few suggestions on how can one hide their kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island serves as a very wide workspace that's able to double your appliance storage. If your kitchen has enough available space, it's not a problem at all to add a kitchen island to it at any time. As kitchen islands can be pre-built, they can also come customized to your own preferences, so you won't have any issue placing your range, wine cooler, cooktop, and many other appliances into it. Besides, you can always have a professional create a smaller appliance lift, which will make your smaller appliances like mixer and similar, lift anytime you need them and disappear as soon as you're done using them.

Built-In Appliances

This is the situation where most designers have the appliance industry and manufacturers to thank. Having paid much more attention to design and appearance, manufacturers needed to do something to make their appliances come even more convenient than just efficient. And that's where the panel-ready built-in appliances step in. A huge number of appliances today are designed to have a custom panel installed on the face front of the appliance so it would streamline your kitchen look and match the rest of your cabinetry. This option is mostly used for refrigerators and freezers, but you can hide many other appliances such as dishwashers and similar. Using this convenience will give you much more creativity in designing your kitchen and save a lot of your time and effort in choosing the right appliance.

An Appliance Garage

Having all your smaller appliances stand on your countertop surely can mess things up. All of us need our kitchen look neat instead of just be clean. A microwave, a mixer, blender, and others create much more circus to a neatly organized space than a large appliance. If you haven't heard of a so-called “appliance garage” then it's time for us to introduce you to this term. An appliance garage is an appliance cupboard or a hutch that contains all your smaller appliances in an easily-accessible closed space. These appliance garages can have flip-up doors, or even roll-up option if the space for it is tighter. If you do have a larger kitchen, you can even have a custom-made French-door appliance garage and not ever again worry about having a mess with kitchen appliances, while adding some style to it.

Kitchen Armoire

At first, this solution may seem like you're stuffing your closet with all your clothes as soon as you can, just to tidy up when the guests are about to arrive. However, when it comes to smaller kitchen gadgets or tableware you don't want to show off, it may seem like a great idea. Some kitchens have a freestanding kitchen armoire that contains all smaller appliances, gadgets, cloths, or some regular dinnerware that doesn't go into the china cabinet. This is a great way to clear out your countertop and make all your workspace usable while having all of these small things in the same place. You can even have a cavity cut from the back and wire all these appliances to be able to use them without moving them around. As we all know, things always look nice and tidy when no one knows what's behind closed doors.

We hope that we were of help with these suggestions on how to hide your kitchen appliances and have your kitchen design completely stand out. If you have any other tips for our ready-to-renovate customers please feel free to share them with us. On the other hand, if you're about to renovate your kitchen or upgrade your kitchen system, feel free to check out our vast selection of high-quality appliances from the world's most famous brands at