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High-End Technology Innovation - Induction Cooking

We live in the time when things get done quickly and we need our daily obligations to be performed with high efficiency. This includes not only our professional life but the time spent home also, cooking, cleaning and running other errands. Thanks to all the technology innovation nowadays, cooking was also taken to the next level with the introduction and the evolution of induction cooking. Time saving, energy-efficient and no-hassle solution to cooking experience.

Easy To Clean

Not only are induction cooktops easy to clean, you don’t have to wait to clean either. With induction technology only the pot or pan is heated, not the cooktop. After cooking with induction you can comfortably place your hand directly on the burner. The burner is a little warm because the bottom of the cookware was hot, but again you can touch it comfortably. You can actually eliminate cleaning altogether by placing a dish towel over the cooktop surface before placing your pot or pan on the cooktop. When you are finished cooking you can throw the dish towel in the laundry. Paper towels work in the same capacity to eliminate cleanup after cooking.

Energy Efficient

Induction is the most energy efficient technology because the pan is your cooking surface. There is very little heat that escapes your pan saving you time and money. Induction has the added benefit of contributing the least amount of heat to your kitchen relative to traditional electric radiant and gas burners. If your home is air conditioned, this further translates into energy savings in that the cooking that you are doing doesn’t impact ambient temperatures as greatly which in turn requires less air conditioning to maintain temperature. Induction technology does not produce a lot of residual heat like traditional gas cooking where heat escapes the sides. Because there is way less residual heat, you do not need a professional hood, and unlike professional gas cooking, you can also downdraft an induction product.

Compatible Cookware

For the most part, a lot of cookware companies are aware of the change in the market as more people are moving toward induction and are embedding stainless steel discs in the base of their less expensive pans made of aluminum and other materials. This allows more and more pans to be used on an induction top range. When shopping for cookware to use on your new induction range or cooktop, you will want to look for the induction compatibility symbol that will be displayed on the bottom of the piece of cookware as well as on the packaging. This will ensure that your new cookware will work on your old range. For your existing cookware, you can use a magnet on the base of your pot or pan and if it is magnetic, it will work on your cooktop.

Whether you are planning to remodel your kitchen or replace your existing range there is an induction product out there for you. Previously, induction was only available in the high-end brands. However due to its popularity, many affordable luxury brands developed induction products too. Prices of induction products have fallen as induction has become more common in the American market. If you’re considering replacing your electric cooking product, you owe it to yourself to consider induction.