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Foods and Other Items That Shouldn’t Be Stored In the Fridge

We are all thankful for the invention of a refrigerator. However, one should bare in mind, this appliance is not meant to store every kind of food. The following food items just don't fit in the fridge and should be kept either on the counter or in the freezer. We’re sure you’ve experienced the situation with some of these foods, bout it's good to know all the items that shouldn't be placed in the fridge if you want them in perfect condition as long as possible.


When someone places apples in the refrigerator they mostly store them in the crisper drawer. this can be a problem for fruits and vegetables around. That's because they emit ethylene gas that will cause some other foods near them to decompose really fast.


If they are placed in the refrigerator, tomatoes lose their flavor. They can get bitter and mushy. It's okay to preserve the remnants of a sliced tomato in the fridge, but try to use it as soon as possible.


Onions can also get pretty soggy if they are placed in a refrigerator. They also have the added bonus of stinking up the fridge and making every other unsealed item taste like onion. Sliced onions can be preserved in the fridge for a few days, but you will need a freezer bag to make sure they stay good.

Bread and Other Baked Goods

Unless you want your bread dehydrated quickly, don't place it in the refrigerator as it will make it stale. It's fine to freeze bread, however, as the moisture stays trapped inside the baked goods.


Coffee stored in the refrigerator dehydrates very quickly, whether ground or bean. Ground coffee will also soak up all sorts of flavors and odors that will make it taste funny when brewed. Therefore, make sure you never leave your coffee in the refrigerator.


As an anti-miceobial, honey can stay in a perfect condition forever. It does slowly crystallize, cloud up and lose its flavor over time, however. If it's placed in the fridge, it can speed this up.

Cocoa Spread

Keep in mind you should never leave cocoa spread in the refrigerator. It will get too hard for a knife to penetrate. Because of the sugar and coconut oil, cocoa spread can keep for months at room temperature.

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