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Everything You Need To Know About Bosch Appliances

Everything You Need To Know About Bosch Appliances
Bosch is a company with decades of experience in the production of all home appliances. Among the most popular are Bosch combined refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, and Bosch washing machines. Their customer experiences are great and this has been their biggest recommendation all these years. Now it is a new concept for developing durable devices with a long lifespan. Bosch appliances consume less electricity and water, reduce oxygen pollution, and give a whole new experience in use. At Townappliance.com we import appliances from renowned manufacturers and that is why we are proud to present the Bosch brand.

Bosch Refrigerators

The development center of this brand has created a special line of food storage devices, and among their most wanted are their Bosch refrigerators. The latest generation provides a multi-stage cooling system so the food is stored at optimal temperatures.

A large interior and plenty of shelves in the upper part of the refrigerator is something we are used to with Bosch, but innovative solutions have also been applied to the lower part, which includes a smaller freezer with various functions. All Bosch refrigerators now have the super-cooling function, which freezes food in a short time and stores all the nutrients. But that's not the end, the refrigerator maintains this supercooling temperature for only 6 hours as it recognizes unnecessary waste of energy for excessive freezing. Of course, there is also NoFrost technology that allows easy cleaning and work without creating ice.


Bosch Washers

Under the slogan "wash sustainably" you can find some of the models with i-dos system detergent and water dosing, as well as "Home connect" and "AntiStain" features that take these appliances to the very top in the industry. Bosch Home Connect is an app that communicates with you and your Bosch washing machine. Experience says that this has made everyday washing easier as orders are given to the machine, but it also indicates whether an item should be washed differently. The AntiStain feature ensures that all laundry is washed and all stains are removed, as well as other advantages of the Bosch washing machine. Some customers' experiences say that their family members do not have allergic reactions when Bosch washes their clothes, and with the 4D water spray function, even with a full load, everything is washed flawlessly. Satisfied users confirm the great washing effects with less use of detergent.

Bosch Dishwashers

When it comes to Bosch dishwashers, the price is affordable, while the quality of washing and drying is top-notch. The different stacking arrangement of cutlery provides more space for plates, so it can hold a larger number of sets, although they are the same dimensions as the other standard dishwashers on the market. They support the Home Connect application and have an intensive water spray system with quiet operation.

PerfectDry technology has made sure to consume less electricity while using moisture from washing and releasing it as hot air for perfect drying. Due to all the performances of Bosch dishwashers, the price is surely worth it because they save both time and energy.

Bosch Ranges

As for Bosch ranges, reviews state that they're a bit more expensive than the other ranges on the market. Even though it goes without saying, their premium performance and high-quality durable design justify their price. These ranges are perfect for big families, they meet the requirements of the most demanding chefs and they handle any task perfectly from cooking a simple family meal to hosting a large dinner party. Regardless of the fuel type, these ranges are known for their uncompromisingly fast and even cooking. They come with a convection feature with temperature conversion as well as multiple racks for more convenience in multitasking. Most Bosch range models include eleven different cooking modes which give countless options for exploring your cooking methods and selecting a perfect mode per meal type. Another specific fact about most Bosch ranges is that they feature a very useful glass touch control panel, easy to use and easy to clean. As for the other conveniences, these ranges include stainless steel finishes, heavy-duty metal knobs, as well as cooktops with multiple burners and heating elements.

Ventilation Hoods

When it comes to Bosch ventilation hoods, they're designed and manufactured to fit any household or lifestyle. Bosch offers a huge selection of designs you can choose from, and all of these are carefully created to match any kitchen. Any ventilation hood type your kitchen may need can be found within the Bosch selection. As for their downdraft ventilation hoods, they are designed to bring fresh air into the kitchen most effectively, as well as to instantly disappear as soon as you need them to. If, on the other hand, you're looking for something more traditional, their over-the-range hoods promise utility and a classic feel by instantly taking away odors, smoke, and grease while adding to your kitchen design. As these appliances have one job to do, Bosch invests a lot of time, knowledge, and professionalism into creating the best convenience in terms of efficiency and style.

Bosch Microwave Ovens

A microwave oven is a perfect choice when the dish needs to be prepared quickly. Whether you need to heat a cup of tea, bake a pizza using the grill function or defrost frozen food, you will save a lot of time with later food preparation. Of course, you can also use microwave ovens for larger dishes and groceries. In addition to ensuring quick food preparation at the touch of a button, you can also place the classic type of microwave oven wherever you want.
Bosch microwave oven is a multi-purpose device that allows you to combine classic heating methods with practical functions of a microwave oven. For example, you can first defrost the food and then bake it immediately.

Bosch Cooktops

We've already stated that Bosch pays great attention to cooking and food preservation. With a mission of making every user a master chef and providing great convenience to everyone while cooking, Bosch makes some of the most stunning cooktops on the market. With a Bosch induction cooktop, a gallon of water can boil twice as fast as on a classic cooktop. This way you can serve dinner faster, using less electricity, which means you have more time to relax. For many professional cooks, gas cooktops are still the first choice. With Bosch gas cooktops, you can treat yourself with numerous benefits. Not only you can control the heat perfectly and instantly, but these cooktops are easy to clean and perfectly safe, thanks to their premium design. With Bosch glass cooktops you can enjoy cooking and eating even longer, spending less time cleaning. Thanks to the built-in, easy-to-use touchscreen control panel, you will always have complete control for maximum safety.

Other Appliances

Bosch cares for any customer that trusts their appliances and any household, tending to provide nothing but comfort during their usage. Therefore, Bosch continues their winning practice in creating household appliances not only in the field of cooking, laundry, or refrigeration but much more. Bosch offers a wide selection of all needed household appliances from small kitchen elements to the largest ones. You can find a huge variety of high-quality air conditioners, heaters, ice makers, beverage centers, wine coolers, dryers, drawers, as well as a large selection of premium outdoor appliances.

Bosch certainly maintains their spot among the top appliance brands in the world, and keeping up with their practice, they'll surely be more successful in their mission. If you want to become one of their satisfied users and upgrade your home with a new Bosch appliance we will be happy to provide our highly-professional assistance and offer you some of Bosch home appliances from our great selection at Townappliance.com

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