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European Design and Style for American Cooking Convenience - Miele HR19562LP 48-Inch Dual-Fuel Range (Product Review)

Miele is a German manufacturer providing customers with top-notch kitchen appliances both for cooking and refrigeration. Founded over a century ago, this European brand meets the new age requirements in terms of functionality while keeping up with the latest trends when it comes to style and design. While there is no hot water to be reinvented if we speak of kitchen appliances, Miele manufactures appliances that fulfil more of consumers' needs than any other on the market.

As ranges (cooktops and ovens) are the most frequently used appliances in the kitchen, manufacturers constantly reinvent the technology to come up with new great solutions for nowadays lifestyle of their customers. And as the latest consumers reports state, back in 2014, Miele produced one of the best ranges on the market that still takes its' place among the top five in 2021. Today, we will talk about Miele HR19562LP 48-Inch dual-fuel range.


The Miele HR19562LP 48-Inch dual-fuel range is a spaceous double-oven range with M Touch controls, Moisture Plus technique as well as M pro dual stacked burners. A great advantage of this range are the self-clean oven as well as self-clean ready accessories. The factor that separates this range from the others on the marker is that it requires much less effort when cleaned as the technology breaks down the grease residue which helps keeping the oven and cooking accessories perfectly clean. Besides these conveniences, this model comes with griddles in the ovens, a speed oven and a gourmet drawer.

What is Moisture Plus?

As technology evolves, almost limitless possibilities are available today, especially when it comes to cooking. Therefore, with these upgraded ranges, turns out, anyone can be a professional baker with just a little effort and care. Since all of us prefer our meat juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, a new technology has been introduced by Miele. This is Moisture Plus technology. This technology increases humidity inside the oven which provides more delicious cooking or baking a great variety of foods. With this technology your baked goods will always be prepared perfectly. Your bread and pastry will turn out amazingly fresh with shiny and crispy crust. Your meat will be taken out from the oven juicy and moist with brown, nice and crispy crust.


The Miele range has burners with power from 10,000 to 19,500 BTUs. When it comes to burner power, in comparison to the other ranges from high-end manufacturers on the market such as Wolf, Thermador, SKS, BlueStar, Hestan and JennAir, Miele is a bit lighter on burners power, which, on the other hand provides careful and more easy simmer.


Miele HR19562LP ovens are equipped with multiple high-tech features and conveniences to help and improve baking your goods with excellent results. These ovens include MasterChef Plus Programs that feature 15 automatic bread programs which exist to guide you to the correct temperatures, modes, times, as well as integration of Moisture Plus to make perfect bread or pastry. Also, these ovens have ecological and economical cooking technology, as they turn off early and use residual heat to complete the cooking process. Among these conveniences, Miele boasts with rapid preheat technology. The open-floor-concept of the gas heated ranges enables uninterrupted airflow for more rapid and even heat distribution. This enables rapid preheating and short baking and cooking durations. The infrared ceramic burner locks in juices while searing meats, poultry and fish to perfection. This range is manufactured with 3-door concept including M Touch Speed Oven, M Touch Convection Oven and Push-to-Open Warming Drawer, all with soft open and close where oven doors effortlessly open and close, preventing the door from shutting or slamming. Additionally, we've already mentioned that this range is equipped with self clean feature where grease residue is continually broken down during the cooking process, helping to keep the oven and cooking accessories clean.

Features and Specs

Here are the lists of some features and specifications that make Miele HR19562LP range standout from the others in their price range and quality.



• M Touch controls

• Moisture Plus

• M Pro dual stacked burners

• GasStop

• ReStart

• MultiLingua

• MyMiele

• CleanGlass door

• SoftClose / SoftOpen oven door

Control Lock


Digital Temperature Display

Oven Light


Additional Information

• Range including speed oven and gourmet drawer

• Precise temperature control: 75-575°F

• Gourmet Drawer - Precise electronic temperature control: 104°F to 185°F

• Crisp function

• Rapid PreHeat

• True Simmer function

• Multicolored TFT touch display with clear text

• Illuminated precision knobs

• ComfortSwivel handle

• Motorized lift-up control panel

• Time buffer in h: 200

• Automatic switch-off

• Programmable cooking time

• Actual temperature display

• Default temperatures

• Acoustic signal when desired temperature is reached

• Individual settings

• Timed bursts of steam

• Door contact switch

• Energy-saving lighting circuit

• Residual heat utilization

• Appliance cooling system with cool touch front

• Safety cut-out

• Microwave power levels: 80/150/300/450/600/850/1000 W

• Keep-warm function

• Rotisserie motor


Fuel Type                         Dual Fuel - Liquid Propane

Installation Type               Freestanding

Color                                Stainless Steel


Width                                48.03 inch(es)

Height                               37.09 inch(es)

Additional Dimensions      Appliance depth with bullnose: 27-1/2" (698mm)


Manufacturer Color          Clean Touch Steel™

Appliance Care

• Oven with self-cleaning program

• AirClean catalyzer

• Broil element can be lowered

• ComfortClean dishwasher-safe grates

• Black enamel cooktop surface

• Door lock during self cleaning

• Stainless-steel Speed Oven interior with PerfectClean and linen-weave finish


Burners/Elements              6

Burners/Elements Output

• 2 x 10.000 BTU

• 1 x 13.600 BTU

• 3 x 19.500 BTU

• Griddle: 13,000 BTU

Burners                          Sealed

Other                              Griddle


Capacity (cu. ft.)

• Main oven: 3.21 cu. ft.

• Speed oven: 1.52 cu. ft.

• Warming drawer capacity: 6 place settings

Number of Ovens           Double


• Defrost

• MasterChef automatic programs: 80

• MasterChef Plus automatic programs: 15

• Auto roast

• Gentle bake

• Maxi Broil

• Broil

• Convection Bake

• Intensive

• Moisture plus

• Slow roast

• Surround

• Browning

• Bake

• Convection Roast

• Special modes

Speed oven:

• Microwave

• Combi Auto Roast

• Micro Broil

• Combi Bake

• Combi Broil

Gourmet drawer:

• Warm cups

• Warm plates

• Keep food at serving temperature

• Low-temperature cooking


Standard appliance manufacturers' warranty on the market today is one year, and Miele offers exactly that - one year of parts and labor coverage. If you feel this is not enough for your new investment in this refrigerator, there's a great option we can offer you - purchasing the Extended Protection Plan on your appliance. This option includes full parts and labor coverage for either 3 or 5 years including the manufacturer's warranty as well as 24/7 support. If you are interested in this option, check it out here.