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Differences Between European and American Convection

We all still remember the smell of grandma’s cookies, or a Thanksgiving dinner and lots of other meals that bring water to our mouth. Most of them had been prepared in a traditional oven. At this moment when you're browsing for your new oven or a range, you'll probably run into something called a convection oven. There are, actually two types of convection ovens:

American convection (traditional),and

European convection (true).

In this article, we will explain the differences between these two and help you make the perfect choice.

European Convection

The specific fact about a European convection is that it includes a third heating element which is located behind the fan. The magic is in the process of a fan blowing hot air on your food inside the oven. With this process, all the food in your oven will be cooked more evenly in comparison to classic or traditional ovens. This type of a convection oven will provide a better taste and even cooking or baking results, no matter which type of food is in the oven.

American Convection

As we're speaking of an American convection, you will se that it has a very similar system but, yet, slightly different. So, basically, this is the oven manufactured very similar to a traditional oven with all its elements but it contains a fan that is placed behind the oven cavity. This system also provides a good circulation of hot air in your oven and within your food which, therefore, ensures a very nicely and carefully prepared meal. 

With these convection ovens you can reduce cooking time up to 20%, depending on which meal is in the oven and the temperature it needs.. So, those roasted potatoes could take almost 45 minutes instead of an hour, which could make all the difference on busy weeknights or during the holidays when family is over.

There’s a chance you’ll pay a little more for this feature that delivers superior cooking and baking, and with more components, appliance repairs can be more costly. The fan also generates a little more noise.

As soon as you master your new oven and make the adjustments with your recipes you will find it hard to go back to regular convection, never mind traditional ovens, after experiencing the efficiency and effectiveness of cooking with true or traditional convection. If you're in the market for your new oven, check out our selection of both traditional and convection kitchen ranges for sale only at