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Conveniences of Convection Cooking

In the past few years, convection ovens seem to be very popular in home cooking. What makes convection cooking so unique is that the traditional radiant ovens use elements or gas to generate heat inside the oven cavity to cook your food, which is not the best way to go. Depending on the location of the elements and the size of your oven, your food may cook unevenly. Using a fan and exhaust system, convection ovens circulate hot air inside the oven cavity and remove moisture. This is why cooking is taken to the next level with convection.


It's approximately 1.5 times faster to cook with the convection than with traditional ovens. The circulating air moves through the oven cavity quickly, preheating more quickly and cooking more efficiently. It’s recommended to check the dishes often, especially near the end of the cooking process. This is because convection cooks much faster. You need to check the look and smell of your food to see if it's ready.

More Evenly

Regardless of where they're placed in your oven, convection cooking cooks more foods at the same time with the same performance. You’d never be able to bake 3 trays of cookies at the same time in a traditional oven, but in your convection oven, you’ll have all your meals perfectly cooked. Since a fan is circulating the air throughout the oven cavity, there are no cold spots that can ruin your dish. In high-end models, a system called True convection is used. In True Convection, or European Convection, a third element placed by the fan heats the air evenly before it is blown into the oven, which guarantees even cooking in any part of the oven. It's important to know that convection cooking is all about cooking with moving air, so use baking sheets and roasting pans with lower sides to allow for air circulation.

Brown Food

Blowing heated air over the food surface will cook the inside of the dish quicker and at a higher temperature than the radiant heat from the traditional oven. When the exhaust system pulls the moisture from the air, your vegetables will caramelize and brown. The fats in your meat will create moist, succulent meals with crispy brown skin, and your pastries will be beautifully brown and soft. Roasted potatoes come out soft on the inside and perfectly brown and crisp on the outside.


Energy Saving

Another convenience of convection cooking is that it's much more energy-friendly, therefore budget-friendly. You don't have to run your oven as long and you won’t have to turn it up as high as the traditional. The key to success in this mission is to reduce the suggested cooking temperature by 25 degrees. Plus, convection is a feature on your oven that you're not obligated to use. If you’re new to convection cooking and you want to experiment, you’ll have the choice to use it or not. This gives you the opportunity to take your time and master the cooking of the most delicious meals.

Like what you see? Well, convection is a very accessible feature nowadays, and therefore we have a huge selection of high-end kitchen ranges for sale with convection feature for you to enjoy evenly cooked and perfectly brown meals with family. Check out for your new convection stove.