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Common Cooktop Issues and How To Fix Them

A cooktop is definitely one of the most used appliances or part of the appliance on a daily basis. Therefore, if it becomes quite a problem if you can’t rely on your cooktop any more for some reason. This situation can be really frustrating but there’s no need for panic, since there are a few simple solutions. Most common cooktop problems can be easily fixed. Here are a few problems your cooktop may be experiencing as well as some solutions to them.

If Your Electric Burner Doesn’t Heat...

If you experience this kind of problem with a burner, make sure to test the other ones first. If all your burners are having trouble heating, it’s probably an electrical problem, and you’ll need to call in a professional or replace your cooktop. If just one coil is heating improperly, check the connection and make sure the coil itself is firmly plugged in to the cooktop. Try swapping out the broken coil with another one on your cooktop – if the new coil works just fine in the same spot where the broken coil was plugged in, that means it’s time for a replacement coil.

If Your Gas Burner Doesn’t Light

There are several issues that may have shown up if you’re experiencing a problem with your gas cooktop, especially if the flame won’t light. First, make note of what happens when you try to light the burner. Normally, you should hear a clicking noise and be able to smell gas coming out of the valves. If you hear the click but don’t smell anything, the problem is likely with the gas flow. If you smell gas but don’t hear any clicking, the issue could lie with the ignition switch. Turn the appliance off and unplug it if you can, then remove the grate and burner cap. Clean out any loose food debris and reconnect any wires that may have come loose. If that doesn’t solve it, you will likely need a new igniter or some work on your gas connection. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you find replacement parts and arrange any major repairs on your cooktop.

If Your Gas Burner Is Slow On Heating...

If your cooktop is slowly heating this may be a problem. If you have a gas cooktop, this issue could be due to the burner openings being clogged with debris, leaving the flames small and weak. This can be pretty easily fixed by giving your whole stove top a thorough clean. Turn off and disconnect your cooktop, then remove the grates and burner caps and give them a good soak in the sink with some soap and hot water. Scrub the surfaces with a stiff brush. Wipe down the surface of the cooktop with a damp sponge as well, and use a toothpick to remove food or other debris from the gas valves. Baking soda and vinegar can also help your cleaning routine pack some extra punch.

These are a few tips that will help you eliminate some smaller issues and have your cooktop working again. However if there’s a need for a new cooktop or a more major repair, check out or wide selection of cooktops for sale at and feel free to contact us anytime for more information.