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Chemical Cleaners Vs. Natural Cleaners

One of the major priorities for a household is to keep it clean. This will help you avoid the risk of getting ill for you and your family. Keeping your space clean also reduces stress as the landscape of a spotless home always provides peace. However, we need to take care of the way we do the cleaning, as one doesn't want to pollute the air for the sake of clean surfaces. We always have to be careful with using chemical cleaners as, on one hand, they can sanitize the surface and do great disinfection, but on the other, these can cause skin irritations and other health issues like allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and similar.

There's always a way to have your space clean and spotless without having to use harsh chemicals. However, even with chemical products, if we are careful, things may turn out great. Take a look at the rest of this article as we will show you the pros and cons of both chemical and natural cleaners.


Chemical Cleaners

A chemical cleaner is a mixture product of various ingredients put together for different uses and in various quantities. These cleaners are often strong and attack the bacteria instantly but they may carry a risk of hurting the living environment. Some chemical cleaners don't pose the risk to people of good health. The most important thing is to read their ingredients and make sure none of your family members is allergic to any of those ingredients that the product contains. This can surely be confusing, as these cleaners are meant to keep you safe from bacteria and dirt in general, but some of them do release chemicals into the air that may cause health difficulties. Keep your distance from products that contain chemicals likely to cause conditions like asthma or that include carcinogen ingredients. If you don't feel safe experimenting with chemical cleaners, it's time for you to turn to safer options.

Safer Choice

If you're concerned about making the right decision on your own when it comes to choosing a good chemical cleaner that won't harm your environment, that's where Safer Choice comes to the stage. Safer Choice is a voluntary program with the mission of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to protect human health and the environment by helping product manufacturers create cleaning products that provide less, or no risk at all. EPA states that over two thousand products in the US are marked Safer Choice, and they can keep your home clean and safe from bacteria, viruses, and germs while ensuring the health of your family members. While these cleaners aren't chemical-free, they don't contain harsh or illness-inducing ingredients. These cleaners are produced with ingredients that don't provide any health risks and meet human and environmental safety standards.

Natural Cleaners

Natural cleaners are products that have no impact on the environment and don't provide a risk of causing health issues. There are numerous variations of these cleaners, and mostly, the recipes for those cleaners can be found on DIY tutorials all over the web. Natural cleaners often include baking soda, vinegar, or lemon juice which makes them very easy to make, as these are items that almost any kitchen has.
Now when it comes to thorough cleaning, these ingredients can do a very good job. However, it's important to keep in mind that they aren't always so productive in terms of disinfection. To be able to disinfect the surfaces and protect your living environment from bacteria and germs, you'll need something a bit stronger which brings us back to the above-mentioned chemical options.

So we've listed thorough information on how both chemical and natural cleaners do their job, and additionally, given you, a tip that there are some golden middle options like less risky or harmful products marked Safer Choice by the EPA. It always comes down to your personal preferences and lifestyle, but always keep in mind that the safety of your living environment and the health of the members of your household come first.