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Cafe Appliances

GE had already set a high standard for their appliances but with Cafe, they went even higher. These appliances go even higher with their high-end features that help create masterpiece meals, offer astonishing aesthetics and ensure the best-of-the-best power of professional appliances used by chefs in the fanciest restaurants. So if you were looking for something irreplaceable in terms of kitchen appliances, and considered GE Cafe, then look no more. And here's why:


No chef starts their meal preparation if the food isn't in its best condition, and what else is there to make sure the food stays fresh than a refrigerator. Refrigerators from Cafe come in French door and side-by-side configurations which, in terms of design seems to be the most stylish and sophisticated option. They all include a bottom mount freezer that stores all your frozen goods and keeps them ready and accessible to the chef anytime. What's pretty authentic about Cafe refrigerators are their robust handles that contribute to these refrigerators' stylish look. These also come with a hot water dispenser that pretty much eases the preparation of meals.


No matter how many loads of dishes you wash in a day or less often than that, you can be sure that Cafe dishwashers will perform their top-notch uncompromisingly. GE introduced their 102 cleaning jet system that’s able to clean the dishes even to the smallest detail and the smallest item. These jets, splash water into the most unreachable spots of your dishes, assuring you that all your mugs, glasses, and even bottles will come out spotlessly clean at the end of the cycle.


GE Cafe ranges seem to put chefs into wandering which of their most amazing delicacies to prepare, as these ranges are capable of almost anything. The convection oven provides direct-air heating which ensures absolutely even cooking. Their very specific griddle system gives multiple options to a chef to grill, sear, or stir-fry quite easily. When it comes to boiling or cooking on a stovetop, with these ranges one can choose between gas, electric, or dual-fuel burners, which will all do their best to provide the greatest meals. And besides these useful and efficient features, their design is subtle and stylish, with back-lights on the knobs and sophistication in handles, glass door, and all the other details.


GE Cafe cooktops are all about the mixture of style and utility. Stylish and subtle, the knobs on these cooktops are designed to be accessible and logically implemented in order not to mix them when one needs to turn them on when in hurry. These cooktops can be either gas or electric which gives the chef a chance to choose their preferred cooking method. It's good to mention that these cooktops are very easy to clean.

Microwaves and Ovens

Everyone who's had a chance to use Cafe microwaves and ovens knows and states that their heating power is amazing. These ovens include GE's one-of-a-kind Advantium® oven technology which gives you a chance to cook any kind of meal whether crispy or soft. This technology combines all kinds of features found in an oven such as convection, microwave, halogen, and ceramic heat. Also, these ovens come in either standard or even French door options.

Ventilation Hoods

Ventilation hoods from GE's Cafe will bring the mixture of style and efficiency every modern kitchen needs. High-speed fans are proven to be extremely successful in removing any odor, smoke grease, or moisture from the room. Besides that, these ventilation hoods bring a very elegant, modern look to the kitchen interior, so you'll do no wrong with Cafe if you want to play your own interior designer.

Whether you're persuaded or not, one thing is certain - consumer reports all over the web state that Cafe seems to be the right choice for all chefs whether the light cooks or those high-demanding ones. If you wish to upgrade your kitchen utility, while adding some elegance and style to it, be sure to check out our vast array of Cafe appliances. We always have great offers for you, and our highly-professional customer service at will take care of anything you may need during your purchase.