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Black Friday in Town

Black Friday in Town

Finally Black Friday 2022 is here, therefore if you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to upgrade your household with some brand new appliances - now’s the time! The best deals of the year show up on Black Friday, so we advise you to take the full advantage of them. 

Why Upgrade?

As all of our lives have changed during the pandemic we've learned to spend much more time at home and appreciate it, and for that reason, our appliances have been used much more than ever. More lunches made at home, more loads in the dishwasher, more laundry in the washer and dryer, so much more opening the fridge. You deserve to have new appliances that are reliable and make your life easier. Smart appliances can keep your routine on track, even if you’ve lost track of time. Kitchen appliance packages will elevate your mood and the style of your kitchen. A new laundry washer and dryer pair will treat your favorite work clothes gently as they powerfully clean them.

Shop From the Comfort of Your Chair

At Town, shopping Black Friday is a simple process you can successfully handle from the comfort of your chair with a cup of coffee. Our website offers easy-to-use online shopping where you’ll be able to fully take advantage of our Black Friday deals. Keep an eye out for “in stock” and “sale” banners on images of the home appliances for which you’re shopping. Simply add the desired appliance to your cart and click on “proceed to checkout,” where you will complete the process.


With the virus outbreak, special offers, deals and discounts have been lowered much more than before. However, even with the appliance shortage by the manufacturers, extended shipping periods, we've managed to provide great deals for you on all of our appliances as well as -25% discount on the purchase of all warranty plans. This is the best time to supply yourself with brand new household appliances.

Black Friday shopping can be an experience, especially if you haven’t got a shopping list to work through. Whether you’re looking for something specific or you’re ready to pounce on an incredible offer, we’ll have all the best sales news, offers and discounts for you.

Appliances On Sale

As we've stated before, our Black Friday offer is sitewide, which means all the products available at Townappliance.com will be there waiting for you. We've gathered a vast selection of cooktops, ovens, ranges, refrigerators, air conditioners, washers, dryers, and many more appliances from the world's most high-end manufacturers at great prices. Besides that we offer a price-match guarantee as well as -25% off all warranty plans. 

Experience the best o Black Friday, visit us at the nearby showroom or shop online at Townappliance.com

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