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Best Ways to Save Money When Buying an Appliance

Best Ways to Save Money When Buying an Appliance
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For every purchase, it’s important for us to find the best deal on the market, whether we’re shopping for appliances or something else. Therefore, it’s not always about buying the first thing you run into, but look more closely to your possibilities. In this case - saving some budget. 

Sometimes, things can turn out even better if there are multiple deals which can be combined. Then, you can make some more serious savings or even come up with a multiple purchase. These are all the deals on the market that you should consider, and some experienced shoppers know that these can turn out very well for the customer.

Promo Codes or Coupon Codes

In general, the easiest and most common way to make savings during purchase are promo codes or coupon codes. Promo codes give you discounts on purchases as long as the promo code is available for the purchase.

Keep up with the updates, promotions and sales on our website, and you can see if any will work with your purchase.

Closeout Deals

Closeout deals are not only a great opportunity to save money on appliances, but they’re also an opportunity to possibly obtain an item that will become rare because that certain line may be discontinued or limited after a certain period. Always check out if Town Appliance offers any closeout deals for appliances that may be just the one you need.

1 + 1 = 1 Paid

In this case we stand by the fashionable “less is more”. Why buy only one when you can get the other one for free. These deals generally involve you putting one item in your cart, and another qualifying item will be available for free.

Town Appliance regularly offers deals for appliance purchases so make sure you’re updated with all of our promotions.


These are the discounts you apply for after your purchase. So after you complete the purchase, you’ll receive the full rebate amount after you apply the rebate code or mail in your claim.

If you have any questions on how rebates work, feel free to call our Customer Service, or visit our Rebates Center Page for more information.

Free Delivery

Costs of delivery can be expensive in some cases depending on size, location for delivery, price and more factors. Free delivery resolves that issue, so you don’t have to worry about expensive add-on fees. Feel free to contact Town Appliance and see if you apply for the free delivery.

In-home Delivery and Installation

To hire someone to put the appliance to the planned spot in your household can be expensive, and the installation can be kind of a hassle. This is why the services of in-home delivery and installation can be quite a save. Check our Delivery & Installation Services page, or contact our Customer Service and see if and how you, your appliance, and your planned spot for it, fit the terms for this service.

In the end, you are the one who pays for your new appliance and services that it needs. Always check before making a purchase to see if you can get any one of these type of deals or some of them bundled together. Your favorite of home appliance retailers - Town Appliance offers some of the best and most competitive deals for you to save money on your appliance purchases.

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