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Best Dual-Fuel Ranges of 2022

Best Dual-Fuel Ranges of 2022
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Combining two power sources, gas and electricity, dual fuel ranges present the ultimate convenience for both professional and residential cooking masters. So if you were looking to buy a gas range, but still would like to enjoy the benefits of an electric oven, dual fuel ranges are your top choice to make. These ranges combine electric oven with a cooktop that includes gas flame burners. These ranges are intended for serious chefs and cooking enthusiasts to be able to create only the top-notch meals. In this article, we've listed down our top five choices of dual-fuel ranges in 2022.

Why Dual-Fuel Range?

Instant heating and much greater temperature control are what attracts serious cooks to these ranges. Gas seems to be the most efficient power option for a cooktop as the temperature changes instantly the moment a cooktop is turned on. Besides that, your meal will be cooked at the desired temperature with consistency. As the heat output is this efficient, it is the most suitable option for most cooks. As for the electric oven, the ultimate benefit of these ovens is their even heat distribution which seems to be the only inevitable condition for real bakers. These ovens are the best for baking goods that need to be smooth, crispy and brown on the outside while even and moist on the inside. For more serious cooks, a dual-fuel range is the most often choice as they're efficient, easy to use, and the food comes out perfectly cooked.

Now if you're struggling to find your best choice we've listed down the top five choice for the most efficient, fully-featured, and high-end ranges from our collection that will definitely suit all your needs. Take a look below.

Thermador PRD304WHU 30-Inch Pro Harmony® Standard Depth Dual Fuel Range

This Thermador model boast with some amazing features. They come with top-notch burners that provide almost instant and amazingly even heating in a very controllable circle. Another great fact about these burners is that they’re very practical for simmering as they're able to hit extremely low heating temperature. On the other hand, chefs have various opinions on this range. For some it's quite suitable, yet some state that baking is not as even.

ZDP366NTSS Monogram 36" Dual-Fuel Professional Range With 6 Burners (Natural Gas)

With this Monogram range, convection cooking seems to be absolutely amazing. No matter if one, two or even three meals are placed in the oven, they all seem to be perfectly done. Their ovens contain three racks that can be smoothly pulled out. This oven, however, takes a bit more time to preheat than the standard. It contains griddle, multi-part black range top grates, bake and roast settings as well as a self-cleaning feature. When it comes to baking, reviewers put this range among the top five.

KitchenAid KSDB900ESS 30-Inch 5-Burner Dual Fuel Convection Slide-In Stainless Steel Range

The ultimate feature of this KitchenAid model is their powerful self-cleaning cycle which comes very useful for the ones that use their oven on a very regular basis. Cleaning this oven takes approximately 40 minutes below 200°F and is performed with a technology called AquaLift. Another highlight of this range is it's true convection which provides even baking, as well as its large capacity oven. Besides other standard features this range includes a steam rack for steam baking as well as the baking drawer for extra storage.

Smeg CPF36UGMX Portofino Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range, Stainless Steel, 36" X 25"

This is one of the most suitable dual-fuel ranges for exquisite chefs as it's the most optional in terms of design. It has a retro vibe and comes in seven different colors.

When spoken of its performance, this range includes ten cooking modes like true convection, bottom heat only, convection, convection bake, convection broil, standard bake, pizza and more. Besides these it also comes with a very rare rotisserie mode.

Lg LSD4913ST 6.3 Cu. Ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Dual Fuel Slide-In Range With Probake Convection® And Easyclean®

Besides very large and cleverly used oven capacity, the benefit of this model is it's price which is much lower in comparison to its similar model from other brands. Also, it includes LG SmartThinQ app for remote controlling via smart devices with ease. It has one of the fastest self-cleaning cycles on the market. Plus, it has a very modern design that would fit your modern kitchen flawlessly.

We sincerely hope that this article was helpful. If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen with a new dual-fuel range, information from above is sure to be helpful. We would, also, suggest you to take a look at our huge variety of kitchen ranges for sale at Townappliance.com as there just might be something you're looking for.

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