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Bertazzoni - An Inspiration Born

As one of the oldest brands in Italy, Bertazzoni successfully exists and runs their business for 130 years, and their appliances exude traditional Italian sophistication and style. And this classy, high-quality and precision story dates back from the 19th century.

Bertazzoni History

Back in 1882, in the small town of Guastalla/Italy, Francesco Bertazzoni began creating wood burning stoves with his son Antonio. By the early beginning of the 20th century, they had built their first stove factory, and by the 50's they were among the first to introduce a gas range, which helps them lead the way in gas ranges industry up to this day.

Bertazzoni is a family business, and it has been since their foundation. This family tradition is what actually maintained the success of the brand, as they've managed to keep their unique recipe: one-of-a-kind design, high-quality construction, and master engineering.

An Inspiration

A short while ago, we came across the video called "Respecting the natural world with design" by a project manager and designer Laurie March. This video was the inspiration for our blog article about Bertazzoni. Laurie is one of the designers that don't take their calling for granted, as she puts all her heart and soul into a project. She was working on a home that seems to be over a 100 years old, therefore, she says that she wanted to pay her respect to the history written in that place for an entire century. This particular home is placed in the middle of the city but the garden is filled with trees and leaves, and anytime you look out the window you can enjoy the green scenery. Besides the cabinets, countertop and the kitchen wall, what made Laurie fall in love, were the Heritage series range and a ventilation hood both in ivory by Bertazzoni. Those turned to be the perfect centerpiece and a lovely addition to the kitchen that inspires Laurie to cook food in the natural surrounding. We thank Laurie March for the inspiration. You can check out her video below.


Bertazzoni incorporates only the top-notch, high-end technology into the construction of their appliances, especially stoves. Begining with induction and electric heating with CERAN® cooktops, through steam cooking all the way to speed cooking, their features help bring out the best of any chef and provide one-of-a-kind meals. With a smart technology implemented into Bertazzoni Assistant, you can have the same functions and settings selected each time you need to prepare the meal that has once been perfectly cooked. And it doesn't stop with cooking. Bertazzoni technology improves the performance of all their kitchen appliances, whether refrigeration, or washing.


As Bertazzoni appliances are a perfect combination of a sophisticated look and functionality, and, in order to maintain the uniqueness of their design, Bertazzoni developed four different types of finishes. The inspiration for these finishes was found in the paintwork of italian sports cars, traditional italian enamel as well as the powder-coated work of italian artisans. So when you're choosing your Bertazzoni stove you can pick between these finishes:

  • Automotive Paint which brings the vibrant colors to their Professional Series models;
  • Texture Paint - classic and elegant texture finish bringing a sophisticated look to Master Series;
  • Enamel inspired by the original wood-burning stoves built in the begining of the 20th century and implemented into the Heritage Series;
  • Stainless steel from the highest-quality steel that provides both elegance and style as well as practicality.

Bertazzoni is also known for their practicality in color-customization, as they offer a huge selection of colors inspired by the nuances of Emilia Romagna region - the culinary heart of Italy.


Bertazzoni boasts with 3 amazing series of their high-end stoves each intended for various use, manufactured with the latest technology and engineering and inspired by the finest Italian craftsmenship and food.

Professional Series

The original idea for Bertazzoni Professional Series was to incorporate capacity, usability and flexibility into a single model with an astonishing design. And they've done an amazing job! Professional Series stoves come with two oven lights that perfectly and evenly light five shelf positions. Triple-glazed doors reduce the heat loss and maximize energy saving. These stoves include high-quality and powerful gas burners manufactured to reduce gas consumption and provide faster boiling. In terms of design these stoves include knobs, handles, display and control panel perfectly aligned. Professional Series stoves come in Nero, Rosso, Aranci, Vino, Giallo and Bianco colors.

Master Series

The Master Series stoves by Bertazzoni come in two versions - single cavity and twin model. These stoves fit the commercial kitchen style with their modern, elegant look and come in Nero or Bianco, as well as stainless steel version for your extra convenience. Single-cavity models include a hotplate with four standard burners and a wok burner. The twin model matches the cooktop of a single-cavity while being extended with an auxiliary oven. Master Series stoves also include storage compartment with a drop-down door. Therefore, these ovens are a standard example of style and functionality implemented in Bertazzoni.

Heritage Series

Heritage Series stove models are where their enamel finishes have been implemented. This whole collection is developed as an inspiration from their original wood-burning stoves from back in the begining of the 20th century. They've been introduced to the market for the 125th anniversary of Bertazzoni. The most noticeable specific of these stoves is their design that follows the Bertazzoni heritage, which is incorporated into the latest technology cooking machines of the finest Italian engineering. These stoves come in stainless steel for those who prefer just a hint of vintage implemented into modern, as well as matte Bianco, and the new ivory - Avorio gloss finish that Laurie Merch used for her unique kitchen.

Now that you have all of this information on Bertazzoni stoves, we sincerely hope that both Laurie and us at gave you an inspiration on your kitchen remodeling. Kitchen is supposed to be a place where family gets together and share not just a meal, but it's a place where a family concludes their day, share experiences, hopes, dreams and enjoy life with a nice homecooked dish. Feel free to send us a picture of your Bertazzoni kitchen and have a wonderful meal Italian style.