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Are Side-by-Side Fridges Better Than Bottom Freezers?

Are Side-by-Side Fridges Better Than Bottom Freezers?
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Are Side-by-Side Fridges Better Than Bottom Freezers?

When searching for a fridge, you’ll find many options on the market. Some people champion side-by-side fridges, and others swear that bottom freezers are the best option. So, which is it? Are side-by-side fridges better than bottom freezers in the kitchen? Should you opt for a freezer on the bottom or a side-by-side fridge? Let’s find out more below.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Side by Side

Side-by-side refrigerators take advantage of vertical space, making them a great option for people with smaller kitchen spaces or less space to move around. Since it doesn’t open at the bottom like a bottom freezer does by rolling toward you, it’s perfect if your kitchen is narrow. Storing taller items is also extremely easy since the fridge is tall. In the long run, you’re looking at the price difference, and side-by-side fridges are the less expensive option. They also come with amazing features, such as water and ice dispensers.

If you’re a fan of energy efficiency, the side-by-side fridge doesn’t cut it, which will show in your energy bill. It also can’t store wide items very well, so it’s important to keep that in mind if you cook large dishes for multiple people. Additionally, because it’s so tall, if you’re shorter, reaching higher racks to get your food might be difficult. The situation could get a bit precarious if you aren’t careful.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Bottom Freezers

The bottom freezer makes food easily accessible. All you need to do is open the freezer at the bottom. Additionally, you can stack food in the freezer, and it holds dishes at different widths. It fills the deficit of the side-by-side fridge in that it can hold dishes that the side-by-side can’t. Additionally, if you’re trying to save your wallet and the environment, we suggest bottom freezers since they tend to be more energy efficient.

That said, there are some drawbacks. If you have mobility issues—especially problems bending—this could be a serious problem. Bending to reach into the freezer can aggravate your pain. Additionally, while side-by-side fridges often come with water and ice dispensers, bottom freezers typically don’t.

Which Is Best?

So, which is best—side-by-side or bottom freezers? What’s interesting is that there is no “best.” It’s more of a give-and-take that varies depending on your needs. The side-by-side refrigerator and the one with a bottom freezer are both good options. So, if cost is an issue, go with the side-by-side option. If your kitchen is more spacious and you enjoy more freezer space, go with the bottom freezer. If you’re interested in energy efficiency, go with the bottom freezer. If you have a narrow kitchen, go with a side-by-side fridge. You get what we’re trying to convey here. Choose what’s best for you, not what’s shiny and new on the market. Dive deep into your needs, and you’ll find the right answer.

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