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Appliance Shopping During A Supply Crisis

Nowadays it’s common to experience issues with appliance shopping. Many retailers are in the lack of appliances in stock due to the worldwide shortage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the first few months of the pandemic there was a shutdown of many factories and warehouses. This had caused the appliance demand increase that many suppliers are not able to handle yet. Since the coronavirus is a problem going on for more than a year now it seems like we would have to battle all of its effects and side effects for a while more. When it comes to shopping for anything that is a part of a global supply chain, there are chances problems may occur. 

Since many appliance brands ship their merchandise from Asia and Europe, the situation gets more difficult, yet doesn’t mean that it gets any easier with American brands.

When it comes to appliances, the greatest shortage is shown in categories such as: refrigeration and laundry.

If we speak about the brands the following may experience lack of appliances in stock: Bosch, Electrolux, GE, LG, Lynx, Samsung, Sub-Zero, Thermador, Weber, Whirlpool, Wolf etc.

Should We Repair Old Appliances?

With a situation like this, a normal question to show up is if we should repair our appliances instead of shopping for a new one. However, a sane answer to this question would be negative. First of all, due to the contamination, it is a risk to have anyone visiting your household, especially a person you’re not in daily contact with. Another reason it’s better to shop for new appliances in spite of the shortage, is the lack of parts in stock needed for the appliances to be repaired, therefore, it may come to the situation that you’ll need to wait for the same period as if you have ordered a brand new appliance.

What To Do?

Every crisis has an ending and the end to this one will show up eventually. However, everyone was expecting for the Covid-19 pandemic to end much sooner. Since it looks like the world will be struggling with this problem for a longer period, we have to come up with solutions to this problem within all the markets. When it comes to appliances, one thing is certain - it takes time, therefore a customer needs to make sure they have enough of it. This is what our professionals suggest when it comes to shopping for appliances during a supply crisis:

  • If you are selling your home, don’t sell your old appliances. It may be an inconvenience to move them, but it's a much larger inconvenience to live without a refrigerator until the new one arrives. 
  • Make back orders! Make sure to purchase your appliance in time, while your old one can still perform their jobs until the new ones arrive, or if you are moving to a new home try to make a purchase months in advance. 
  • As time is no longer our friend in these difficult times, we need to move quickly with everything. This also includes making decisions quickly, which is essential in purchasing appliances whether it’s the model or the design, since in a few minutes something may go out of stock.
  • Watch out for sales and promotions. Appliances which are on sale or they’re offered through some kind of discount are usually in stock and will be until the certain promotion is over.
  • Customer Service is your best shopping buddy during a supply crisis. If it's time to purchase a new appliance, make sure you contact Customer Service since they have all the detailed information on any product and if one is out of stock, might suggest something comparable or even better which can be delivered within timely manner.