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Advantages of Having an Outdoor Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of the home. However, when the hot summer days approach, not many like to spend  time in their kitchens. So, spring is the best time to create the perfect summer kitchen outdoors. It can be on the balcony, in the garden, or in your backyard. Cooking is a vital part of everyday life, so why not spend some of that cooking outdoors? Cooking outside of your house has several advantages - for example, your kitchen will never be a mess, but one of the biggest bonuses is the elimination of odors. Thanks to modern appliances with numerous possibilities and features, you can create an outdoor kitchen easily, and enjoy it for the whole summer. Make food preparation, cooking, dining, and spending time with family and guests enjoyable.  When necessary, you can quickly tidy up and bring that space back to its original state. 

Advantages of Having an Outdoor Kitchen

There are no smells from food preparation, nor any heat or fumes, as everything is outdoors.
Your indoor kitchen stays clean and fragrant.
Summer kitchens can be made up in an outdoor space. It can be almost anywhere -  on the balcony, in the garden, or backyard.

The Right Space

When equipping an outdoor kitchen, pay attention to the space where you will place the appliances, whether they are covered from bad weather, or placed in the shade, etc. Use every corner of the space. Choose where you will place your outdoor kitchen. Measure the dimensions of that space to see if everything will fit properly. Pay attention to whether you have sockets for connecting to electricity as well as if you have the possibility to use gas and water. In order to work and move around the kitchen without any problems, it's necessary to have a minimum of 35 inches of empty space around the kitchen. That way, you will be able to work and prepare food smoothly, and everyone around you will be able to feel comfortable. Preferably, if you can, place it so that it doesn't block the view from your house.

Elements, Cabinetry, Island

First, decide which kitchen elements you need and then arrange them. Make sure they are connected and practical for working around that space. Maybe you're planning to build a real outdoor kitchen with a stove, sink, and working surface. In that case, arrange the work triangle close to each other, and arrange them so that food preparation goes as smoothly as possible. Another option is to add an outdoor island to help increase surface area for your outdoor kitchen.

Sun and Shade

Having shade for your outdoor kitchen is important, making food preparation and eating more enjoyable. Opting to put up a canopy over your outdoor kitchen will make cooking outdoors enjoyable, no matter the season. If the temperatures are high, you can install a fan with water droplets.


Having an original and unique space allows for more creativity. You can add a fireplace according to your wishes and measurements, as well as arrange the entire space of the outdoor kitchen. Lately, many have decided to mix various styles to get something new and different. It's important that your kitchen has enough seating: chairs, benches, lounge chairs, etc. Adding pillows and upholstery to the seating area can make it more comfortable and welcoming. You can turn large benches into lounge chairs by adding cushions. When you change the pattern, it will get a completely new look. There are numerous appliances specialized for outdoor conditions so you can add an outdoor refrigerator or a beverage center to enjoy a chilled drink. Of course, having an outdoor grill is a must. Without it, an outdoor kitchen doesn't feel complete. Plus, there are numerous other appliances you can install, such as cooktops and many more. With a TV or a projector on the wall, the experience will be complete. Follow your creativity and make an outdoor kitchen that fits your style.

Additional Things to Think About

Your kitchen elements should be made of firm, durable materials. Besides some quality wood, it can also be stainless steel. Your outdoor kitchen can be completely open, with a half opening or a roof. It can also have ventilation and resemble a room. It's all up to you. If you're preparing food in the evening, you will also need adequate lighting or lamps. Lamps, lanterns, and candles are an excellent choice for lighting tables and the entire space. To make food preparations easier, add appropriate lighting above the range. Water is essential for cooking, and it is certainly not practical to constantly run inside for water.
To complete your outdoor kitchen and enhance your cooking experience, its important to install an outdoor sink. Since the kitchen in the backyard becomes a part of your home, make sure that all the styles fit together. However, if you’d like some variation, here’s an example to get your creativity going: If your backyard is in retro style, adding modern furniture with reduced lines in the kitchen area would pop.
The outdoor kitchen can become a favored place for rest, enjoyment, and socializing. Equip it with appliances from and have our team of experts help you to create the most comfortable outdoor kitchen for you, your family, and friends.