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7 Benefits of Using a Kitchen Range Hood

7 Benefits of Using a Kitchen Range Hood
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7 Benefits of Using a Kitchen Range Hood

If you’ve just started looking for furniture and appliances for your new house or want to revamp your current one, it’s wise to pick up a kitchen range hood. Kitchen range hoods are useful for plenty of reasons, but we’ll review a few broader advantages here. Check out the benefits of using a kitchen range hood below. 

What Is a Kitchen Range Hood?

Before we go over the benefits, we must define a kitchen range hood. A range hood is an appliance mounted above your range or cooktop. This appliance captures, vents out, and filters steam and cooking grease above whatever cooking surface you’re using. Range hoods are generally sleek and modern, making them an excellent aesthetic and functional addition to any kitchen.

How Does It Work?

So now that we know what a range hood is, how does it work?

When food is cooking on the cooktop, the hood draws in air with moisture, grease, and smoke via a fan. Hoods with outside venting direct the air outside through their ductwork. Alternatively, recirculating range hoods utilize filters to clean the air, eventually returning the recycled air into the room.

Ensures Clean Air for Better Health

As you can imagine, working around smoke, airborne grease, and other debris for long periods isn’t exactly good for your lungs. In fact, it can cause minor respiratory issues, discomfort, coughing fits, and more.

Additionally, ovens give off small portions of carbon monoxide that build up in poorly ventilated areas. With a range hood, you can expect this gas to get filtered, so you don’t have to worry about it causing you or your family any health issues.

Running your hood fan for a few minutes before you begin meal prep creates suction so you can maximize the clean-air benefits your hood provides. Furthermore, running the fan for several minutes after cooking can clear any additional odor, smoke, and gas from the air.

Is a Great Selling Point

Range hoods have been standard fair for most homes since the 1960s for safety and aesthetics. They have become normalized parts of every kitchen for so long that homes with higher-quality range hoods tend to sell much quicker than those without a range hood.

This is why a range hood increases the resale value of your home tremendously, and it’s a great selling point for a prospective buyer. So even if you don’t plan on selling your home soon, making small changes to make your home more marketable will ease the process if you do decide to sell.

In the selling process, if someone has questions about the different appliances in your kitchen, you can eventually direct them to the range hood. If they’re avid cookers, they’ll be impressed and thrilled to see it in your kitchen. Remember to point out if it’s a new range hood, and make sure you let them know it’s installed and fully operational, pointing out all the positives you can.

Prevents Annoying Alarms

We’ve all been there: Maybe you start cooking and have your burners up too high or you forget about something on the stove. Suddenly, your fire alarm goes off due to the smoke. Who wants that?

Range hoods mitigate this issue, since any excess smoke is sucked into the vent above the hood. This is great, as you don’t have to worry about dealing with a shrill alarm. But of course, the range hood doesn’t prevent smoke from an actual fire from reaching your alarm. It simply prevents smoke not indicative of a fire from setting it off.

Helps You Cook With Confidence

A high-quality range hood makes the cooking process go smoothly. A range hood will keep your kitchen cool and comfortable for the entire duration of meal prep by venting away grime, oil, and lingering unpleasant odors. Additionally, it makes cooking foods that require higher heat a breeze. This can include anything from roasted veggies to fries to fried chicken. None of these recipes will cause you any discomfort if you have a vent.

Since your range hood makes you cooler and more comfortable in the kitchen, you’ll spend more time there. You might cook more often or simply hang out and experiment with different recipes. Ultimately, a benefit of using a range hood is that it makes your kitchen comfortable and helps you cook in style.

Keeps Your Kitchen Clean

The latest range hood models, as mentioned, are efficient at reducing grease and removing harmful vapors. This makes your kitchen safer and keeps the kitchen cleaner without you having to lift a finger. With less grease in the air to settle on your cooktop, counter, and walls, you have less cleaning to do. This means less scrubbing and, as a result, less wear and tear on your countertops and other kitchen fixtures.

Provides Lighting When You Need It Most

Most range hoods come with a light, and having a light directly above your cooktop is a serious benefit, since you can monitor any changes in your food. Food can change dramatically depending on the cooking process. Therefore, getting a bird’s-eye-view of these changes as they take effect will give you great control to adjust things if your food isn’t turning out as planned. And since you can’t adjust something you can’t see, the extra lighting is a plus.

Furthermore, the extra illumination is useful when it’s time to scrub down the counters and clean the cooktop. It’s much easier to get those transparent specs of oil and grease when you have a light shining directly on them. Range hood lights can also save you money, since their smaller bulbs don’t use as much energy as a separate overhead light would.

Turns Down the Heat

Cooking can generate some serious heat, making your space stuffy and uncomfortable. Range hood ventilation will remove excess heat from your kitchen by venting hot air out of the room. Meanwhile, cold air will flow back in and replace it so you can breathe easily. This keeps your kitchen nice and cool while you cook. After all, who wants to deal with sweat along with grime? Sweat is both unsanitary and uncomfortable, making a range hood a great solution.

In short, there are many ways in which a range hood will benefit you. Why not buy one if you feel it’s for you? If you’re interested in picking up one of our ranges for sale, we have some of the best here at Town Appliance. If you shop at Town Appliance, you’ll see that we have the right appliances at the right price.

7 Benefits of Using a Kitchen Range Hood

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