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5 Cooktop Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

5 Cooktop Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know
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5 Cooktop Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Your stove may get a little messy after each cooking session. That filth and residue can accumulate over time and clearing it away can be a real pain. Luckily, we've got five cooktop cleaning hacks you need to know to make the job easier.

Attack Grime With Hot Water

Sometimes the most straightforward methods are the best. First, run a dishrag or cloth under hot water. Put it over any leftover residue on your cooktop and leave it to rest for a few minutes. The steam and warm moisture will work to break up the filth, making it easy to wipe away afterward.

Baking Soda Works Wonders

Baking soda works like a natural abrasive and helps remove stubborn stains from your stove. To start, liberally cover the cooktop with baking soda. Soak a towel in hot water and dish soap, then place it on the baking soda. Give it about 15 minutes.

Gently work the baking soda into any established stains with the towel using circular movements. Remove any leftover residue with a cloth and polish.

Try Toothpaste With Baking Soda

Using toothpaste that contains baking soda, like Arm & Hammer, can also tackle burned food stains that can be a hassle to clean. Apply the paste directly on the stain and gently massage it in with an old toothbrush or your fingertip. Wait 15 minutes before wiping the paste away with a moist towel.

Lemon Is a Natural Degreasing Agent

It may come as a surprise, but lemons can quickly cut through tough stains. All you need to do is cut the fruit in half and squeeze a generous amount of juice over any problem areas. Apply some baking soda on those spots, gently brush them off, and wipe them away with a clean hot cloth.

Scrapers Are Handy in a Pinch

Cleaners and chemicals can't always eliminate lingering grease and residue on your stove. In these cases, a scraper made exclusively for cleaning the tops of stoves can be handy. All you must do is apply a proper liquid cleanser in conjunction with the scraper to attack the stubborn filth gently but firmly.

We hope these five cooktop cleaning hacks you need to know come in handy the next time you're dreading your leftover grease and grime. Town Appliance offers gas, electric, and induction commercial cooktops for sale that are perfect for your kitchen at home or in your business. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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