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5 Common Mistakes That Damage Your Washer

5 Common Mistakes That Damage Your Washer

It can be incredibly frustrating when your washing machine suddenly stops working in the middle of a cycle. To avoid this situation, make sure you follow sensible operating techniques to ensure your appliance has a long life with few breakdowns. Continue reading to explore five common mistakes that damage your washer you should avoid.

Overloading the Washer

Manufacturers build washing machines to handle a given combined weight of clothing and water, and they can only function when you use them correctly. Still, in a frenzy to get things done fast, we may attempt to jam as much clothing as possible into the washer.

Unfortunately, your clothes will probably not get cleaned thoroughly when you overload the machine, and you will have to rewash them anyway. Furthermore, you run the danger of drastically lowering the machine’s lifespan.

Underloading the Washer

While overloading a washing machine is terrible for your washer, underloading can also cause problems. Above all, it is a waste of energy, detergent, and time. Furthermore, smaller loads knock the machine off balance during the spin cycle. You’ll probably hear a loud thumping sound coming from the washer when this happens.

Failing to Clean the Machine

Your detergent’s soap residue, minerals, and chemicals can become trapped in your washing machine, forming a thin layer that attracts germs. These germs can block the internal processes, causing your water to become less hot and your detergent less effective.

Run the machine on a hot cycle with two cups of white vinegar instead of detergent to clean away any residue. Try to do this at least once a month to ensure all your clothes smell fresh and clean.

Using the Wrong Detergent

Typically, your washer will come with an instruction manual that recommends a specific type of detergent. For example, you should only use detergents marked with the HE symbol if you have a high-efficiency washer. If you don’t use the correct detergent, the suds may not entirely drain out, leaving residue on your clothes and causing a buildup in your appliance.

Running the Machine When You’re Not There

You may think it’s convenient to throw a load in when you’re going to be away from home for a bit, but multitasking can damage the washer. If you’re not there to monitor it, you risk the machine spilling out, which could result in severe water damage.

A fire can break out in the extraordinary occurrence that a component malfunctions or there’s too much friction generated in the drum. You should make sure you’re only running the machine when you’re home to catch these problems early.

Avoiding these five common mistakes that can damage your washer can help you get better results and guarantee that your machine lasts longer. Town Appliance offers a comprehensive selection of washers online to help you find the perfect appliance. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.