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Miele F2472VI F 2472 Vi - Mastercool™ Freezer For High-End Design And Technology On A Large Scale.

Miele F2472VI F 2472 Vi - Mastercool™ Freezer For High-End Design And Technology On A Large Scale.

User Convenience Mastercool - NofrostConvenient: A Sophisticated Nofrost System Sa... Read more...

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When Will I Get My Order?


Miele F2472VI F 2472 Vi - Mastercool™ Freezer For High-End Design And Technology On A Large Scale.
Miele F2472VI F 2472 Vi - Mastercool™ Freezer For High-End Design And Technology On A Large Scale.

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MasterCool - NoFrost

Convenient: A sophisticated NoFrost system saves you the hassle of defrosting and cleaning the appliance.

MasterCool - MasterSensor

Incredibly convenient: A whole range of settings can be made easily with a tap of a finger.

MasterCool - BrilliantLight

Soft and attractive: High-quality LED strips offer perfect illumination and a beautiful lighting.

MasterCool - Push2open

This appliance integrates perfectly into handleless kitchens, as the door opens by pressing the front.

MasterCool - Miele@home *

Make your life smart: thanks to Miele@home * you can cleverly network your domestic appliances - for more options.

MasterCool™ - Ice/water dispenser

Pure luxury: At the touch of a button you are treated to ice and cooled water from the front Ice/Water Dispenser.

MasterCool - MasterFresh

Ideal climate: Food stays fresh for up to 3 times longer due to perfect temperature and humidity.

MasterCool - MaxLoad hinge

Strong and robust: The door hinges are able to withstand high loads and make it easy to open large doors.

User Convenience Mastercool - NofrostConvenient: A Sophisticated Nofrost System Saves You The Hassle Of Defrosting And Cleaning The Appliance. Mastercool - MastersensorIncredibly Convenient: A Whole Range Of Settings Can Be Made Easily With A Tap Of A Finger. Mastercool - BrilliantlightSoft And Attractive: High-Quality Led Strips Offer Perfect Illumination And A Beautiful Lighting. Mastercool - Push2OpenThis Appliance Integrates Perfectly Into Handleless Kitchens, As The Door Opens By Pressing The Front. Mastercool - Miele@Home *Make Your Life Smart: Thanks To Miele@Home * You Can Cleverly Network Your Domestic Appliances - For More Options. Special Features Mastercool™ - Ice/Water DispenserPure Luxury: At The Touch Of A Button You Are Treated To Ice And Cooled Water From The Front Ice/Water Dispenser. Mastercool - MasterfreshIdeal Climate: Food Stays Fresh For Up To 3 Times Longer Due To Perfect Temperature And Humidity. Innovation Mastercool - Maxload HingeStrong And Robust: The Door Hinges Are Able To Withstand High Loads And Make It Easy To Open Large Doors.

  • Push2open for convenient door-opening assistance
  • Light floods the interior thanks to LED elements - BrilliantLight
  • Ice and cooled-water dispensers for maximum convenience
  • Communication with the machine could not be easier - WiFi Conn@ct
  • Convenient control thanks to color touch display MasterSensor

Appliance category
Construction type
Built-in integrated
Door hinge side Left
Can be installed side-by-side
Appliance networking
Casing color No
Lighting BrilliantLight
Control panel
Networking with Miele@home
Ice/Water dispenser
SoftClose door closing damper
MaxLoad hinge
Electronic temperature display and control MasterSensor
Sabbath mode
No. of temperature zones 1
Fridge / Fridge compartment
Door rack for tins No
Freezer/Freezer compartment
Number of shelves 2
Number of freezer baskets 2
Door baskets - small 1
Door baskets - large 3
Efficiency and sustainability
Energy Star Qualified
Lock function
Acoustic door alarm
Acoustic temperature alarm, freezer section
Optical door alarm
Optical temperature alarm
Technical data
Niche width min in in.(mm) 18 (457)
Niche width max in in.(mm) 18 (457)
Niche height min in in.(mm) 84 1/8 (2134)
Niche height max in in.(mm) 84 1/8 (2134)
Niche depth in in.(mm) 24 7/8 (629)
Appliance width in in.(mm) 17 7/8 (451)
Appliance height in in.(mm) 83 3/4 (2127)
Appliance depth in in.(mm) 24 (608)
Weight in lbs.(kg) 293 (132.7)
Maximum fridge compartment door front weight in lbs. (kg) 157 (71)
4-star freezer compartment volume in cu. ft. (l) 7.73 (219)
Current consumption in milliampere (mA) 4000
Voltage in V 120
Fuse rating in A 10
Frequency in Hz 60
Wire length in ft (m) 9 (3.0)
Replacing lamps Kundendienst