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Buying a Wall Oven

Many modern kitchens have traded the standard range for a cooktop and wall oven. The look is modern and polished and there is the added bonus of flexibility of where you install these appliances. The wall oven is installed at a height that works for you, so no bending over when you check on and retrieve your food. Install the cooktop over a cabinet that stores pots and pans. The tradeoff is that typically this combination will be a more expensive option than simply purchasing a range.

What to Look For
Cost: A wall oven can start at $700 for a single oven (with no self-clean) up till $4000 and more for a fully loaded model (double oven with all the bells and whistles).
Size: Wall ovens come in standard widths of 24”, 37” and 30”, but each model can vary by up to 1 inch, so check out the exact specifications. 2 -3 cu feet will usually accommodate cooking for 3 people. 3-4 cu ft will suffice for 4 people and over 4 cu ft will accommodate more than 4 people.

Single or Double:
A wall oven is smaller than the oven that comes with a full range. So, having two of them will solve this limitation. They can be position side by side or stacked one on top of the other. Also, a double oven provides the flexibility of baking and roasting different items at different temperatures at the same time.
Fuel Type:
Wall ovens are mostly electric although there are gas models available. Electricity heats food more evenly than gas, plus, they are easier to clean generally.

This option can add about $300 to the cost of the oven, but for most consumers, it is well worth the extra expense. Convection: This can add at least $200 to the price tag.

ovens have an internal fan that distributes the heat throughout the oven, making for more uniform baking and reducing cook time. High-end models will have an additional heating element near the fan, sometimes called “true convection”.

Door Swing:
Wall ovens may have a side swing door. There is also the French door option which has two doors that separate in the middle and open outward. Both of these models allow you to remove food without having to bend over the oven door.
Single Oven with Microwave:
There are some built-in single ovens that come with a built-in microwave. These are more expensive and usually, come with electronic controls and self-clean.

Features to Think About:

- Larger viewing window
- Brighter interior lighting
- Self-clean - Removable oven doors
- Temperature probes
- Porcelain racks instead of stainless steel racks that have smooth-glide tracks so that are can be fully extended
- Electronic display
- Delay bake
- Warm and hold
- Bread proofing
- Variable broil (a lower setting that provides heat from the top but at a lower temperature than regular broil)
- Dual radiant (periodically turns the top broiler on and off to ensure even roasting and browning)
- Sabbath mode
- Control lockout (disables controls for child protection)