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Buying a Grill

Fuel Types


There are four variations of barbeque grills, based on their fuel types: electric, charcoal, liquid propane and natural gas grills.Electric barbeque grills are among the most efficient and easy-to-use grills. Plugin and you're hassled no more. These grills can be portable or built into the countertop of your outdoor kitchen island. They feature quick preheating and even heat distribution. Charcoal grills are specialized for the traditionally grilled meat lovers. Charcoal barbecue grills provide an even grilling with a smokey taste kept inside a piece of meat. Also great for grilling vegetables, these grills are usually freestanding or portable but can also be built into your outdoor kitchen island.

Many people prefer propane as their gas of choice. Equipped with easier cleaning features, built-in thermometer, steady propane flow, and more, liquid propane grills provide great convenience. They can also be freestanding or built-in. Natural gas grills can be built into an island or freestanding to give you the versatility you need for your backyard design. Their use is much more economical and with features such as utensil hooks, side tables, rotisserie burners and electric ignition, these grills will provide a full outdoor cooking comfort.


Based on their installation options and appearance, there are four styles of barbeque grills:

Freestanding grills stand independently from any other outdoor kitchen items. Built-in grills are manufactured in the way they can be built into the outdoor kitchen cabinetry. Portable grills are separate units and they are made to be easy to move around. As for the pro-style-grills, they are made from very durable materals and they include much more features like smoker boxes, rotisserie burners, and additional grill grates. These grills will last much longer, they generate higher heat and disitribute it evenly and they can serve for both commercial and residential use.




There is no particular size that should bother you when buying for the new grill, however, it's advised to measure the space planned for your new appliance. As they're planned for the outdoor space it shouldn't be a problem for your new grill to pass through to their planned spot. Otherwise if you're buying a built-in grill, you will need to measure the width, height and depth of the appliance to make sure it will fit into your outdoor island well.


As we're talking about buying a new grill, we have to take care of the budget planned for the new appliance. Prices of barbeque grills available on the market vary from less than $100 for the simpler models and up to $7000 for high-end fully equipped models.


These are some features to look at when shopping for the new freezers:

- Rotisserie

- Side burner

- Smoking box

- ADA compliant

- Smart features (built-in WiFi, app compatible)