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Why Buy a Warming Drawer?

Why Buy a Warming Drawer?
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Warming drawers, once considered a luxury, are now becoming staple pieces in modern kitchens around the world. Their unparalleled convenience and versatility are driving a surge in popularity. But what makes them such a coveted appliance?

What is a Warming Drawer?

Simply put, a warming drawer is a specialized kitchen appliance designed to maintain your food's temperature after it's cooked. They've evolved significantly from their rudimentary origins, with today's models boasting a myriad of advanced features catering to the modern chef's every whim.

Whether this sounds like fluff or not, warming drawers change meal preparation, no matter which ranges you use them with. We know hosting for the holidays is harder than it looks. From cleaning to setting the table to preparing dinner to getting ready on time, things are likely to fall through the cracks - but the quality of your holiday meal doesn’t have to experience this situation.

Therefore, you don't have to handle cold meals anymore, simply take a look at these benefits of owning a warming drawer.

Ingredients Stay Fresh

It can be quite difficult to handle the preparation of side dishes while cooking the whole lunch, or dinner. To keep your green beans and mashed potatoes warm while you’re finishing the creamy garlic sauce, keep your finished dishes in the warming drawer. In addition, if you’re making a pizza from scratch, you can store your oven-baked pie in the warming drawer while you’re searing the veggie toppings on the stove. A temperature optimal for warming goes up to approximately 250 degrees. 

Various Settings

Most warming drawers have settings that can prevent cooked food from drying as they own sensor controls to keep the temperature constant. This comes in handy when you want to reheat leftovers—as much as we appreciate the convenience of microwaves, they sometimes can leave pizza crusts soggy and leftover roasts dry. To provide optimal conditions for your food, “Moist” and “Dry” settings are available on premium warming drawers. Therefore, these warming drawers are able to keep your food in any condition you desire.

Helps Dough Rise

Most experienced chefs and bakers, both home or commercial, know that the dough must rise. Any baked good that contains yeast should be proofed to produce the air bubbles that bring that light and fluffy we all love. Many premium warming drawers come with a proof setting between 75 and 90 degrees. To be able to do this, first, cover the dough with a dry cloth. Next, place your bowl of dough in the drawer, letting it rest for 40 minutes. Once the dough had reached the size twice larger than the initial, you'll know it's ready. Also, you can check this by poking the dough with your finger, and if it doesn't retract back in a few seconds, you're good to go for baking.

Keep the Dishes Warm

You've probably gone through quite a serious amount of work to prepare your meals, so if they turn cold quickly, that can be a disappointment. To help your dinner retain heat, you can stack a few plates in the warming drawer on a low setting. This way, your meals will stay hot once on the warmed plate, or when poured into the fancy dinnerware you were saving for special occasions.

What Are Warming Drawers and Their Different Types?

What are warming drawers, you ask? Beyond their primary function, these appliances come in various shapes and sizes to cater to every kitchen:

  • Built-in vs. Standalone: While built-in models seamlessly integrate into your cabinetry, standalone units offer portability and flexibility.
  • Size Does Matter: From compact drawers ideal for smaller kitchens to expansive units for the avid chef, there's a size for everyone.c
  • Features Galore: Modern warming drawers come with adjustable temperature settings and humidity controls, ensuring optimal conditions for any dish.

How Do You Use a Warming Drawer Effectively?

To harness a warming drawer’s full potential, understanding the basics is essential. Here are some pivotal tips to get you started:


  • Set the Right Temperature 

The temperature range in modern units is a blessing, allowing you to tweak settings for optimal warmth. It's vital to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines. Different dishes have unique requirements, so always ensure the temperature complements the food type. For instance, delicate pastries might need a lower setting compared to meat dishes.

  • Safety First 

When using any appliance, safety should always be a top priority. Ensure your drawer warmer is clean and devoid of any obstructions before use. While it may seem like a convenient spot for storing pots and pans, remember that warming drawers are designed specifically for hot food. Keeping dishware out ensures even heat distribution and minimizes risks.

  • Beyond Warming

Don’t just limit yourself to the appliance's primary function. The world of culinary arts is vast, and your oven-warming drawer is ready to assist! Some chefs swear by their warming drawers for slow-cooking dishes at a controlled temperature. Others venture into dehydration techniques, transforming fresh fruits into flavorful, preserved snacks.

With these insights, you're poised to not only understand the mechanics but also the art of using a warming drawer. And in the process, you'll elevate your culinary game, adding both convenience and creativity to your kitchen endeavors.

Buying Guide: Best Warming Drawers in the Market

Choosing the perfect warming drawer is akin to selecting the ideal sous chef for your kitchen. Not only should it complement your culinary needs, but it should also seamlessly fit into the aesthetics of your space. As the market brims with options, a discerning approach can ensure that you invest in a piece that offers the best value and performance. Here's our expert take on what you should consider:


  • Size

It's not just about the width, but also the depth and height of the drawer. Ensure you measure the designated spot in your kitchen accurately. This will ensure your new kitchen appliance fits like a glove, avoiding costly adjustments or returns.

  • Brand

Investing in trusted brands can save you future headaches. Established names in the industry often mean reliability, better customer service, and parts availability. Moreover, renowned brands usually offer a broader range of designs and innovative features that can be worth the extra cost.

  • Additional Features

Modern warming drawers come with an array of features that can elevate your cooking experience. Temperature and humidity control, safety locks, and even programmable timers can make the process more streamlined. While deciding, ponder on which features will genuinely benefit you versus those that might just be an unnecessary luxury.

  • Your Budget

While high-end models are enticing, it's essential to balance features with budget. If you're a professional chef or someone who hosts gatherings often, a premium oven drawer with advanced controls may be worth the investment. Conversely, for occasional use, a basic but reliable model might be all you need. Ensure that you read reviews, consider warranties, and, if possible, test them out in stores specializing in kitchen appliances before making a purchase.

At Town Appliance we carry a wide range of warming drawers for your convenience, fitting almost any range. To find the best one for your needs, feel free to contact our professionals, as your home appliance retailers are always here to find the best solution for you.

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