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Why Buy a Wall Oven?

When you're working on your new kitchen, every detail is important. Choosing the right appliances that will fit perfectly into the space and fulfill all your needs when it comes to practicality and functionality is one of the key items.

Read below what you need to consider when choosing a built-in wall oven. The different types, dimensions, features, and possibilities that these devices offer open up a whole range of questions that are not always easy to answer. We tried to make the process easier for you and provide answers that will help you determine what kind of wall oven you need and how to choose the best model for you.

What types of wall ovens are there?

Wall ovens, as separate units compared to those that come as part of a range, certainly brought numerous innovations and various possibilities that ease not the only organization of space, but also the preparation of meals. The choice on the market can be overwhelming, so it's best to equip yourself with the necessary information before you start looking for the perfect example of this appliance that will make only the best specialties come out of your kitchen. Depending on the characteristics we are looking at, there are several divisions that we can mention. So, for example, depending on the energy used, there are ovens that work on electricity, as well as gas wall ovens. According to the fuel type, we distinguish between those with mechanical and those with the electronic operation. The design of certain models perfectly fits the standard knobs that turn to the desired settings, while other ovens are adjusted by simply pressing digital buttons or sensors. Some have the ability to lock the settings so that children or pets do not accidentally change them. According to the method of food preparation, we come across a division into steam ovens and traditional ovens with classic baking functions, but there are also combined steam ovens that synchronize different ways of food preparation. One of the divisions among ovens in general, and then among wall oven models, which probably brings the most doubts is the division into conventional and convection ovens.

What is the difference between traditional and convection ovens?

While a traditional oven has heaters, a convection oven, has a fan in addition to the heater that distributes hot air evenly throughout the oven. This provides superior baking results, sometimes on multiple levels. Practically, this means that in convection ovens you can bake two or three trays at the same time if their capacity allows it. Perfect for busy evenings or for complete healthy meals from the oven. Not to mention the occasions when you have guests coming and you want every dish to be warm when served. Also, convection ovens, due to better distribution of hot air, are generally set to a lower temperature than ovens without fans. Of course, this is not a universal rule and it's important to follow the instructions for the needs of the specific appliance and to independently find the modes that give the best results. Within the lake of convection ovens, there are also models that have the option of adding steam, for perfect baking that results in a crispy crust and juicy dough of certain specialties.

Various features of wall ovens

Wall oven features are one of the most important factors when deciding which built-in oven to buy. In accordance with your budget and wishes, you can choose a model with fewer or more functions. It's important that you have everything you need so that your meals are prepared the way you want them. Features that will make food preparation and oven maintenance even easier are certainly useful, but before you invest more money in models with these features, think about how much you really need them and how much you will use them. On the other hand, if you enjoy cooking and different ways of preparing food, convection ovens are an excellent investment. The taste will be superb, and the various possibilities will give you the opportunity to experiment and bring each of your recipes to perfection.

Some of the functions that built-in ovens can have are:

  • Steam cooking

Certain convection ovens have the ability to add steam during baking, for a great combination of juiciness and crispiness. But for the possibility of completely preparing meals with steam, a combined convection oven is the right choice. It combines different food preparation options and instead of just adding steam, it also has the option of fully steaming meals. By steaming food, they retain its juiciness, fullness of taste, and nutrients, so this is one of the healthier ways to prepare your meal. At the same time, it is suitable for different types of food, such as poultry, vegetables, fish...

  • Grilling

This feature lets you enjoy perfectly grilled food regardless of whether the weather is nice or whether you have a barbeque grill.

  • Multi-level baking

Convection ovens allow baking on multiple levels, i.e. two or three trays at the same time. No more waiting for one batch of cookies or muffins to bake to load the next. In addition, this means that at the same time you can prepare a main dish and a side dish that will be warm and perfect to serve. This will save you significant time and energy for meal preparation, which can really change the way you experience cooking.

  • Defrosting

Some wall ovens also have practical features such as defrosting or heating. It doesn't matter if the meat was not taken out of the freezer on time, if unexpected guests showed up, or if it was decided at the last minute what will be for dinner. All you need to do in order for the frozen foods to be ready for preparation is to turn on the appropriate program and put them in the oven.

  • Additional features for easier handling and maintenance

In addition to baking, grilling, defrosting, and similar, certain wall ovens can also have features that are specifically intended for certain types of food. So you can choose a model with a special program for baking bread, pizza, preparing fish, and more. Some of the useful features include locking settings, as well as a cold door that protects against burns if curious hands or paws find themselves on it during baking. Special categories are the so-called smart ovens that you can control through the application even when you are not at home. Imagine that when you come home from work, the oven is already heated to the ideal temperature and you just put the dish inside. And you can check if it is turned off if you leave the apartment in a hurry. You can also send your oven information about what you want to cook and it will automatically adjust the baking settings for the best results.

Wall ovens with a self-cleaning feature

In addition to features such as grilling, steam, and others related to food preparation, some built-in ovens also have a self-cleaning feature. Some of these options will really change the way you experience this task. Burned leftovers are no fun to clean, so if you want to make it easier for yourself, some of the great self-cleaning ovens are highly recommended. However, not all self-cleaning features are created equally. Below, find out what self-cleaning methods exist, how they differ, and how effective they are.

  • Steam cleaning program

This is the basic cleaning method that certain models have. It works by placing a dish with water in the oven and starting the cleaning program. After a certain time, you need to turn off the oven and take out the container with water that has softened the fat deposits and which you will remove much more easily.

  • Catalytic cleaning

This type of cleaning implies that the oven has catalytic inserts in its interior that attract and oxidize grease and impurities. This keeps the oven clean, but these liners have a lifespan that is shorter than the life of the oven, so they need to be replaced periodically.

  • Pyrolytic cleaning

Many call pyrolysis ovens the only truly self-cleaning ovens. This process leads to the heating of the oven to about 950°F, which burns all the fat and impurities so that in the end only ashes remain. After the pyrolysis process, you simply wipe the oven and collect the ashes and it's completely ready for the next use, without scrubbing and without the use of chemicals. Due to the high efficiency of cleaning in this way, pyrolysis wall ovens currently belong to the highest price range when it comes to these appliances.

Criteria for choosing a built-in oven

After learning about the types and functions of wall ovens, it's time to put down on paper what is important to you and what you want from your oven. When you determine the following items, you will easily find a model that is perfect for your kitchen:

  • Dimensions

Are the standard dimensions of wall ovens suitable for you, or is a larger capacity what you need? In accordance with the amount of food you plan to prepare, but also with the space you have at your disposal, determine whether a standard, XL, or perhaps a built-in oven of smaller dimensions is the right choice for you.

  • Method of food preparation

Traditional, convection, steam oven, or perhaps a combination? If your budget allows, and you don't plan to prepare food exclusively with steam, a convection wall oven is an excellent solution that will save you time and enable perfect baking results, no matter what dish it is.

  • Features

Choose a model with the features you think you will use most often. If you know that you simply won't try some new possibilities, don't even invest in them. For the greater comfort of use, choose one of the smart models for simpler management and a process that is maximally adapted to you.

  • Budget

Once you have defined all the features that are important to you, all that remains is to find the best model within your budget. Determine roughly the figure you plan to invest in your new oven and start looking.

A large selection of models with different characteristics, as well as manufacturers, brings you great opportunities when it comes to adjusting your needs and budget. Thanks to that, once you clearly define your criteria, visit us at and we will help you find a great built-in wall oven for your kitchen relatively easily.