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What To Know About Top vs. Front Load Dryers

Contrary to what most people think, shopping for a new appliance isn’t easy. Generally, you can’t just get up, go to your local retailer, and pick out the first thing you see. You must consider the nuances of the appliances and how they can fully benefit your needs before you decide. Your dryer is no exception. It can be tough to make the right decision with so many dryers on the market. You’re likely to come across discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of front and top-load dryers in your search. Get the facts on what you should know about top- and front-load dryers here. 

Top Load Dryers

There’s a lot to learn about top-load dryers. For instance, they don’t require nearly as much maintenance, so you can cut costs quite a bit. Certain models have faster cycle times, which is perfect for the person on the go. Top-load dryers might be the perfect option if you tend to have large loads. That said, they tend to use more energy than front loaders, and if you’re short, it can be difficult to reach the bottom. Top-load dryers are also not stackable, which decreases the amount of aesthetic freedom you have.

Front Load Dryers

The difference between a top-load dryer and a front-load is front loaders use less water, so it’s perfect for you if you want to save money. You should also know that the tumbling motion doesn’t generally generate a lot of friction, which means that your clothes will come out intact. You will also have better options for designing your laundry room since you can stack front-loaders. They can be uncomfortable to unload if you have a bad back, as you’ll need to stoop for some time to empty and clean them.

Which Should You Get?

This question isn’t easy to answer since they each have pros and cons. It depends entirely on your needs. If you want to save money and preserve your clothes, you might want to consider a front loader. If you want something low maintenance and don’t mind limited aesthetic choices, a top loader will do just fine. Pick one and see which works for you.

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