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What After the 4th of July?

Since 1776. this day means a lot to all the families. This includes spending the day with family and friends, in a holiday atmosphere, and of course - food. And mostly, a lot of it. As not all of us are in a position to spend this day on the beach or organize a gathering for a baseball game in the park nearby, many try to fulfill this day with laughter and happiness by having dinner in their backyard or outdoor kitchen.
Wonderful as it is to have all your loved ones in one place, and have a great meal or barbecue, this requires work. Both before and after the gathering. All of these lovely dishes have to be prepared and cooked, which, of course, takes time, and we, also, have to think about what comes after the 4th of July. And the answer is, definitely, much more than just "the 5th".

4th of July Cleanup

Something that might bother you if you accept the position of a party host, is that the end of a party is not the end of the whole experience. What surely awaits you after the party is a whole bunch of mess. This will, of course, include things such as empty cans, paper cups, furniture moved away, and many, many dirty dishes. Not to mention the stains from spills and similar. Also, other ones that have gone through trouble are, definitely your appliances. So, let's break this cleanup down into steps and create a perfect plan of how to, almost effortlessly, get rid of the mess and leftover dirt from the 4th of July gathering.

Getting Rid of Mess

Getting rid of mess made during your 4th of July gathering should be done in a few simple tasks, one after the other, in order to be easy. This is where a big black trash bag is your associate. All of these paper cups, empty cans, and other disposable or recyclable items are to go. Better make it two bags though, we want to take care of our environment, so it's advised to recycle.
Next on your list would be the floor. Begin this step by vacuuming or sweeping your floors now that the garbage no longer stands in your way. In case you like your carpets flawlessly neat, you can sprinkle some baking soda on them, and start vacuuming after about ten minutes.
The third step to the cleanup is the most simple one. This is the time to return all of the furniture to its original place.
Now, for the fourth step, this may be kind of a hassle if you prefer to hand wash your dishes. This would definitely be one huge pile of dishes to clean. Of course, if you own a dishwasher, this is the time for your great appliance to shine. If you don't, we might suggest you upgrade your kitchen system with one. (If you decide to buy a dishwasher, we have just the right ones for you at
The next one is stain removal. Now, depending on how hard the stains are, and are on the furniture, carpets, or walls, it would take various measures to be removed.


Besides these space cleanup steps, another very important thing to take care of ar the appliances used during the process of your party preparation and cleanup. Mostly, an oven, a cooktop, as well as the dishwasher, are the ones that suffer the most throughout the 4th of July celebration. Make sure to maintain your appliances well, and give them a nice good cleanup, so they will look and perform as well as new the next time you need to use them. If you need some guidance on the maintenance of your appliances, browse through our previous articles for some great tips.

Your home appliance retailers, Town Appliance, wish you a happy 4th of July!