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Washing and Drying Tips For Various Fabrics

Washing and Drying Tips For Various Fabrics
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A washer is one of the most helpful appliances, as we do our laundry on a very regular basis. And as most of us are aware that not all the colors go together in a washer, many of us should know that fabrics are different and they need a different care, therefore need to be washed differently on various cycles. For this reason we’ve listed down various types of fabrics and ways to have them taken care of in order to maintain their initial quality. 


Cotton can mostly stand any washing or drying cycle. Just to be sure there are any exceptions in the matter of your item, have a look at it’s care label.


For linen it’s advised to be washed with a more delicate detergent. Also, as it’s a quite delicate fabric, it should be washed at a lower speed. Since it can mildew, don’t keep it in the washer long after the cycle is over.


Wool clothes tend to be a bit more specific for washing. Many of these items can be dry cleaned, and some of them would withstand a quick wash. In cases of some stains, they can be removed with a damp cloth. Also, bare in mind that wool fabrics should rest between uses to maintain their original quality. 


Overall denim and it’s maintenance is much similar to cotton, as it’s a cotton fiber. While it’s not that difficult to handle, it’s advised for denim items to be washed separately when washed for the first time due to coloring. Use lower temperatures and a gentler cycle. 


Silk fabrics are very delicate. Therefore, it's advised to wash them separately from other types of fabrics. Many of us practice to wash silk with hand washing but you can also use some more gentle options in your washer. As silk does not withstand high temperatures both drying and ironing should be performed with low temperature. 

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