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Wall Ovens vs. Oven Ranges: A Comparison Guide

Wall Ovens vs. Oven Ranges: A Comparison Guide
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Outfitting your kitchen is fun and puts your creative juices to work, whether you’re buying a new home or remodeling your current one. That said, there’s a lot to consider and many questions you need to ask yourself. How will you lay out your kitchen? What color will you paint the walls? What are your rooms’ measurements? Finally, you must consider what appliances you need. Some of these choices are obvious. For instance, everyone needs a refrigerator. That said, some appliances might throw us for a loop. When it comes to wall ovens and oven ranges, it helps to have a comparison guide. Learn which is best for your needs here.

Designs and Definition

We first need to outline the differences between these two kinds of appliances and how they function. A wall oven is an appliance you can install directly into your cabinetry. They come in two types: single and double. As the name implies, the single oven only has space for one compartment, and the double oven has two. The top compartment is usually larger than the bottom. With this oven style, you can fit big dishes on top and smaller ones at the bottom. Modern designs even have dual temperature options, so you can adjust the temperature between your compartments and cook meals with different requirements at the same time.

Oven ranges come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. With this style, you don’t need to cut out a section of your cabinetry. The biggest benefit is that it has a cooktop, while wall ovens don’t. This can be a game changer since you have everything you need to start cooking all in one place. Oven ranges come in many configurations, such as slid-in, drop-in, or freestanding models.

Kitchen Layout and Flexibility

As a proper comparison guide between wall ovens and oven ranges, we need to mention how your kitchen layout might influence your choice. Before you get too attached to ovens you find online, it’s worth considering whether it’ll work for you.

For instance, wall ovens are very flexible—you can put them however high or low on the wall you want! You can have your installers place it at a height that’s comfortable for you. This way, you don’t have to bend down to put food in the oven. If you have back problems or mobility issues, the wall oven is perfect for your needs. If you’re interested in simplicity and the ability to cook multiple things simultaneously at differing temperatures, the wall oven is perfect for your needs.

Oven ranges also have a wide range—pun intended—of benefits. You can install them in various locations in your kitchen, and you can choose one that uses either an electric or gas connection. Slide-in ranges are one of the best options since they give your kitchen a sleek and modern look. They can fit relatively snugly between cabinets and countertops, giving you a seamless, integrated design. The cooktop is itself a great benefit. You need a cooktop somewhere in your kitchen, or you’ll lose functionality. Why not have one attached to your oven? It makes logical sense, especially if you want to do all your cooking in one place rather than having to move around the kitchen constantly.

There are also multiple types of cooktops to consider, from gas to electric. Each option has its advantages and benefits. For instance, gas cooktops give you more control, and the oven heats quicker. On the other hand, electric cooktops are better apt to cook your food evenly. You can have these benefits in one place if you choose an oven range! You can also expect to have other features, like heating elements with different outputs or multiple burners, all in one package. If you have a smaller kitchen or limited wall space, an oven range is best for your needs.

Baking and Cooking Capabilities

Wall ovens and ranges offer a plethora of distinct advantages when it comes to baking and cooking. Wall ovens offer many features, like convection cooking, which uses a fan that circulates hot air for even heating distribution. This is ideal since it’ll cook your food thoroughly and evenly. Convection cooking is perfect for people who enjoy baking or roasting food. Some wall ovens even come with steaming capabilities. This helps you retain moisture in your food and makes it taste juicy. When you purchase a double wall oven, you can cook multiple dishes at multiple temperatures, making it convenient when you’re trying to cook for a large family.

Ranges give you the convenience of a cooktop and oven in one unit. If you want to have all your cooking elements in one place, an oven range is the way to go. You can expect your oven range to have multiple burners with various heating levels, allowing you to try many different cooking techniques at once.

Count the Costs

Cost is essential when choosing between a range and a wall oven. Generally, you can expect wall ovens to be the more expensive version. This is because of installation requirements and their advanced features. A double wall oven will cost you even more, usually because of the temperature-adjusting features.

Ranges tend to be more budget-friendly, especially since you don’t have to install a separate cooktop elsewhere. You can find them at multiple price points, although the gas ranges are more expensive than the electric ones since they require an additional gas line. Freestanding ranges are the cheapest oven ranges, while slid-in and drop-in ranges are the most expensive due to their custom installation requirements.

Energy efficiency is another consideration you’re going to have to make. Most appliances are Energy Star certified, but looking for other certifications is essential to ensure you’re making the right choice for your needs. You can check for these ratings online when searching for your next oven.

If you want a wall-mounted oven or oven range, you’ve come to the right place! Look at what we have to offer here at Town Appliance. We have everything you need to revamp your kitchen.

Wall Ovens vs. Oven Ranges: A Comparison Guide

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