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Tips On Your Appliance Cleaning and Disinfection

We work every day, go out, get groceries, do gardening and run various errands on a daily basis. As we get dirty while doing some work, so do the appliances that work for us daily. Grimes and bacteria on the handles, fingerprints on the doors, there are numerous things that leave marks on our appliances each day. Not to mention the pandemic situation where we all tend to take extra care. Therefore we should make sure to scrub down our appliances regularly to prevent possible hassle. Take a look at these tips on disinfecting your home appliances.

Natural Is More Efficient

Now, our appliances are made from very sturdy materials, yet, we don't have to go extreme on their cleanup and disinfection with various harsh chemicals. There are numerous cheats that can even be environmentally friendly that we can use and make sure our home with appliances will stay perfectly clean. Besides this article, you can easily find many recipes for home disinfectants that will definitely do the job instead purchasing extreme chemical cleaners. For disinfection just pour some rubbing alcohol in a spraying bottle and use that to kill the germs. It's a very easy hint to perform even on a daily basis (if you wish like it extremely neat) or just every once in a while, and still, your appliances' finishes will stay as good as new.

Take Care of Health and Safety


Ok, even we've said that using commercial detergents and disinfectants isn't always necessary, there are situations when you actually need one and they can come quite handy. Still, make sure to be very careful with the usage of these commercial products in order to keep your health not jeopardized. When using these products it's very easy to simply put on some rubber gloves and your skin will be protected of getting in contact with any chemicals that may endanger it. If you're using some home-made, eco-friendly version of a cleaner you don't really have to worry much, but with bought products, the best way to ensure everyone's health is to play safe and cautious. 

Cleaning Is The Best Disinfection

On the other hand, disinfection of surfaces is a completely different thing then cleaning them, so it’s crucial that you first wash your appliance with a washcloth before using your household disinfectant. We do it in this order so that when you use soap, or whatever cleaner you decide to wash your appliance with, you’ll be physically removing any dirt as well as some germs that the disinfectant won’t pick up on. Your homemade disinfectant is meant to come in as the finisher and eliminate the hard-to-kill bacteria so that the only thing that’s left is a shiny appliance finish.


After you've taken your time to clean all the surfaces and appliance finishes, spray your household disinfectant all over the refrigerator, cooktop, dishwasher, and whatever else has just been washed. Before wiping away with a soft cloth, make sure you leave the sprayed-on disinfectant on their surfaces for a few minutes.

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