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Tips for Keeping Your Laundry As Good As New

When it comes to daily chores, very often, we make some mistakes, which, on the long run, can cost us an eventual damage or loss. In case of laundry, even though we wash them often and use them every day, we might be making some mistakes that can cause damage to our fabrics. Performing these rituals daily, and repeating these mistakes may turn fatal to our clothes on the long run. Besides, not only we may be doing things wrong, but our old washer might do so. So check out these few tips on keeping clothes fresh, clean, neat and as new.

Distributing the detergent

Detergent should never be put directly on top of our clothes. There’s a proper way to load the washing machine. Distributing the detergent is key. This is the most important element when it comes to clean clothes. The best way to ensure detergent distribution, is to place laundry in first, include water and then add soap. This changes when using bleach. Putting bleach in loads means that you first add water, laundry and then soap.

Zippers May Cause Damage

For sure, you’ve experienced the inconvenience of your fabrics having small tears when washed together with jeans. This might be due to zippers being left open. Be sure that they are zipped all the way up before you throw them in the washer or dryer. This same problem could occur with unclipped bras. The clip part can tug on fabrics or even damage the drum if they fling around loosely. One easy solution is purchasing a lingerie bag or an old pillowcase to place them inside.

Don’t Button Up

Unlike zippers which should stay closed during washing, your shirts and similar should always be unbuttoned. Washing a button down shirt with the buttons fastened is a surefire way to rip the buttons from their holes. And not just the center buttons. The collar and cuff buttons are included in this rule.

Dryer Misuse

Clothes’ best friend will always be air-drying. You save energy and of course it’s much gentler on clothing, specifically stretchy clothes like gym wear or yoga pants. However, life doesn’t always permit that luxury of time. So, whenever you do decide to tumble-dry, it’s imperative that you don’t overload the dryer or keep clothes inside for too long. Fabrics that are over-dried are subject to irreversible harm. Natural fibers like wool, cotton and linen can be damaged if too much moisture is removed.

Scrubbing Stains – Bad Idea!

If this is what you’ve been doing with stains so far, you’re definitely wrong. You might believe the best method to treat a stain is to scrub it as hard as you can with detergent. No matter how hard you scrub, this is not the best course of action. It might even result in the stain spreading. Instead of doing that, gently rub the stain, making sure to work from the outside toward the center. The earlier you treat it, the more likely it is to go away.

Sorted Well – Dressed Well

Always, and no matter how much of a rush you’re in, make sure to sort your clothes neatly. You will thank yourself in the long run. It’s hard to carefully sort clothes when you’re in a rush, but doing so will keep your clothes fresh. Separate really dirty pieces of clothing from clothes that are only lightly soiled. It’s also good to sort abrasive or heavy fabrics like jeans from more delicate pieces. Mini-tip: Turn denim inside out, gently wash in cold water and dry at low temperatures. You don’t want your sheets to twist either. Wash sets separately instead of everything at once. It’s a good idea to include smaller items like underwear with the load.