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The True Function of a Kitchen Worktop And an Island

The True Function of a Kitchen Worktop And an Island
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Nowadays kitchens play a much greater role in our lifestyle than in the past decades. Therefore, there are numerous variations of a kitchen space organization. Mostly, these variations include connecting the kitchen with a dining room in some way, so things like the working surface or the kitchen island, found their even bigger use than before.

Kitchen Island and Counter

If your kitchen is connected to the living room and you want to visually increase the space, a kitchen island or counter can be an excellent solution for that. For many years, kitchen counters took first place in situations where these two rooms need to be separated. However, for some time now, kitchen counters have been changing more and more frequently as, over the years, they have become predictable and outdated and are being replaced by kitchen islands or counters.

If you are hesitating between a kitchen bar or an island, consider several arguments in favor of a kitchen island. The kitchen island is a very practical element that you can approach from all sides (or at least 3 sides), unlike the kitchen bar, which is usually built into the wall on two sides. The island is freestanding in the space so the size can vary according to the free space you have. What is most important is that it visually increases the area of the kitchen because there is no wall element that creates a physical border between the two spaces.

The kitchen island also opens the view to the living room or dining room with which it’s connected. It doesn’t have to be fixed or it can be on wheels, it can be foldable, with built-in kitchen elements (stove, sink, refrigerator) or it can serve you more as an element for storing food and dishes with open or built-in shelves inside the element. In addition to all that, it ca serve as a dining table or look more like a table than a kitchen element.

Given that you are not limited in space by a wall, which in this case does not exist, the island can have different shapes: rectilinear, circular, polycircular, irregular shape... You can absolutely adapt and tailor the island to your space and achieve a good and original interaction with the rest of the room. On the other hand, the kitchen counter will provide you with space for breakfast or dinner. It's practical if you're hosting some parties, it's also practical as you can't see the devices you keep on the kitchen counter. It’s ideal for young people, while it’s questionable if there are small children or elderly people in your family. For them, getting up and down from high chairs can be a problem. Also, if the family is large, there probably won't be enough room for everyone.

Dining Room

Nowadays, in most new buildings, the living room, kitchen and dining room are combined into one unit. In large spaces, this gives you the opportunity to play and combine, and above all to follow the world’s trends in the decoration, while with small apartments we have a real challenge ahead of us. In those small apartments, combining 3 spaces into one appears as a need to save every square foot and maximize the use of space.

In the struggle with these spaces, we have the options of placing the dining table in the living room or kitchen. In most cases, kitchens are small and there is often a problem with space that can be easily solved with a kitchen counter as a multipurpose piece of furniture that you will use both as a dining table and as part of the kitchen area. It’s ideal when you can have a classic dining table located next to or within the kitchen, but also variants of using smaller counters, folding tables and more. They can also be a very useful and aesthetically excellent solution. Do not forget to use shelves, as they open up the space, make it bigger and are aesthetically effective. Especially in the kitchen, where you can keep colorful spices, cups, saucers... and keep it all looking great and within easy reach.


The increasingly popular open concept of living in which the kitchen is not a separate room but becomes one unit together with the dining room and the living room, has made the choice of a kitchen worktop extremely important. The kitchen worktop now also has a decorative function, which is why it’s crucial to choose a worktop that will ideally fit in with the rest of the furniture. Today, we have the option to blend the worktop with the rest of the furniture and to choose the same decor for the fronts of the kitchen or cabinetry, or even to choose an identical decor of the floor with which we will replace the kitchen tiles. The spectrum of possibilities and combinations is constantly growing.
For most buyers, the appearance of the worktop is as important as the quality. Kitchen worktops nowadays have improved resistance to scratches, moisture and temperature. However, it’s important to keep in mind that regardless of the resistance of the material, you should not put the hot pan directly from the stove on the kitchen worktop, but on the mat. Cutting directly on the worktop should not be done, but a cutting board should always be used to avoid damage.

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