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Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Replace Your Wall Oven

Wall ovens can make any kitchen look modern and chic. However, virtually any appliance will eventually break down one day. Here are some of the tell-tale signs you need to replace your wall oven.

What Is a Wall Oven?

Traditional range ovens stand on the ground and are typically two-in-one products with an oven section and cooktop together in the same appliance. A wall oven, by contrast, is its kitchen equipment unit that can be mounted separately from your cooker in your wall area. Wall ovens are usually smaller in build than range ovens. These ovens are positioned at a convenient height for homeowners while matching the style of their kitchen.

What Are the Benefits of a Wall Oven?

If you've never owned a wall oven before and are considering replacing your current range with one, it has some benefits you should know about.

Modern Interface

Electric digital displays are in many modern wall ovens, so you can easily monitor settings and temperature. Many newer models also come with Wi-Fi enabled so you can turn your oven off and on using your phone from anywhere in the house. You can adjust the temperature without leaving the couch. Wall ovens are perfect if you're looking for a convenient way to track the heating of your food while setting timers and pairing it with mobile devices.

Match Your Kitchen's Style

Built-in ovens are elegant, attractive, and modern in appearance. Because wall ovens can be mounted anywhere and come in so many modern designs, you can seamlessly integrate them into your kitchen space. If you're looking for the perfect appliance to match your sleek, stylish, and trendy kitchen layout, wall ovens are the ideal flexible centerpiece.

Highly Accessible

The built-in wall stoves are ergonomically constructed, which helps offer homeowners complete convenience. The most significant benefit of wall ovens is that they can be placed at eye level, giving you an easy view to see your food. You also don’t have to worry about bending down or struggling to bring out hot, heavy dishware.

When To Replace

It's essential to be aware of faulty mechanisms or other signs that an appliance is beginning to break down. Dysfunctional appliances can be a hazard to your health and home in certain circumstances. While you can repair, maintain, and restore faulty appliances to prolong their life in certain cases, there comes the point when it’s more practical to replace them.


Cracks may begin to form in the glass of the oven door from continued use. Cracks are a big concern because ovens won’t be able to retain heat properly, and it’ll take far longer to cook your food. The stove will also use more gas or electricity than it usually would, and your utility bills can rise. It would help if you weighed the costs and age of the oven when deciding whether to repair the door or replace the stove entirely.


Small amounts of rust may appear inside ovens or on top of ranges as you continue to use them. These small amounts are typically very easy to clean with different types of oven cleaners or cleaning solutions. However, when more significant bits of rust continue to show up, it can be a big problem. Rust and corroded metals can fall into your food while cooking, creating unsanitary conditions that can make you sick or present choking hazards. If the rust stains can't be removed or are too large, it’s probably time to replace the oven.

Poor Heating

Are you having to constantly take your food out, check the temperature, and put it back in because the cook times take longer than usual? If you find your food is being undercooked or getting burnt constantly, the oven’s internal heating mechanism could have a problem. Have a professional check the health of the stove and see whether they can repair it. If the issue can’t be fixed, you may be better off replacing the oven.

Odd Smells

Walking into a kitchen and smelling freshly baked cookies or a mouth-watering chicken piccata is one of the pleasant experiences that can come with being a homeowner. However, if your oven starts to emit odd odors or pungent smells, it could be a warning sign of twisted wires or even a gas leak, which prove dangerous if left untreated. Once you start noticing strange smells, it’s good practice to turn the oven off immediately until you’ve identified the problem. Have a professional take a look, and if the problem looks like a severe disaster waiting to happen, avoid it by replacing your oven.

Weird Noises

If everything is working as it should, you shouldn’t hear any noises emanating from your oven. If you start to hear grinding, scraping, blowing, or ticking sounds, that’s a clear sign of concern. There could be loose parts within the internal area. When a faulty part is left unfixed, the bad component could start a fire, wreck your oven, and jeopardize your home. Turn off your oven and diagnose the problem. Depending on what the issue is, it could mean it’s time to replace the oven.


The size of your single-wall oven may be perfect if it's just you and your partner living inside your home. However, if your family starts to expand, your needs will probably outgrow the single-wall oven. If so, it might be time to make the switch to a double wall oven that gives you plenty of room to work.

What To Know Before Replacing

These are just some of the tell-tale signs you need to replace your wall oven. Once you've decided to add or replace a wall oven, there's some information you’ll want to know before bringing the new appliance to your home.


Double-check whether the oven you’re replacing is gas or electric. Gas stoves must be safely disconnected from their source of gas. For electric ovens, you’ll have to turn off the power source they’re connected to. Crucially, no matter what type of oven it is, you should turn off the circuit breaker before disconnecting it.


The last thing you want to do is bring the new oven home and realize it doesn't fit in the suitable space. Measure and remeasure the area you will place the oven to ensure you’re buying the correct size. You should measure with a partner who can keep the oven secured as you carefully measure the height and width.

Whether you're ready to replace your current wall oven or want to make the change from a more traditional oven type, let the professionals at Town Appliance help you out. Town Appliance has a wide range of wall mount ovens for sale that can meet your needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Replace Your Wall Oven