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    • LG Twin Wash - Your Clothes’ New Best Friend

      LG The Twin Wash is a new device on the market and something completely different from the standard washing machines we are used to. If you thought that washing machines were limited to their singular task, this appliance will open your mind to new possibilities.
    • How to Use Your Dryer Properly

      A clothes dryer is a big help, especially in the winter months. It saves time, and the clothes will be fragrant and less wrinkled. Using a dryer properly is essential to ensure that clothes are dried efficiently and safely.
    • Purpose, Maintenance and Changing the Washer Lint Filter

      One essential part of a washer is a lint filter, which will occasionally need maintenance. This article will guide you through how a washer lint filter functions and how to clean, change and maintain it.
    • Features and Interesting Facts About Maytag Washers

      The Maytag brand is known for producing high-quality, durable appliances. Their vast line includes a wide range of appliances including washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens. You can find all of Maytag’s appliances available online at
    • Single or Combo Washer and Dryer?

      Choosing a combo or individual washing machine and dryer can be a dilemma that can effect those who embark on the search for a new machine. We're here to help you decide.
    • Interesting Facts About Doing Laundry

      How much detergent do I really need? What is the environmental impact of using the extra rinse program? How can you make washing laundry more fun? ...
    • What Can Cause the Water to Leak From Your Washer?

      You’ve probably experienced the inconvenience of walking into the laundry room and finding water on the floor in front of the washing machine. Unfo...
    • Your Guide to Washing Fall/Winter Wardrobe

      It’s almost the fall/winter season and therefore a major wardrobe change. During these months we commit to a whole new fashion and, therefore, this...
    • Tips For Maintaining Your Washer

      We’ve talked many times about maintaining our appliances, especially the ones that are connected to food since they need the most constant care. Ho...