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Should You Buy Samsung RF23J9011SR French-door Refrigerator? (Product Review)

Samsung established its name in the appliance and high-tech industry decades ago, and it carries its reputation very well for powerful performance and great reliability, according to consumer reports from all over the world.

As we're talking about refrigeration, Samsung offers a wide selection of models each year with high-end features and conveniences for any household type. Regarding their 4-door models, first among many advantages, compared to the other models, is the ability to turn the bottom-mounted freezer compartment into a fridge with just a temperature controller turn. Therefore, the first pro of using Samsung 4-door models is their flexibility.

In this article we will discuss the features, outlook, performance as well as warranty of Samsung RF23J9011SR, 23 Cu. Ft. counter depth 4-Door Flex™freestanding refrigerator with Flexzone™.


You might consider this a drawback at first, but this Samsung model was intentionally designed to be counter-depth. Logically, you would think this causes the lack of capacity, however, it makes up in usable space with its width. It comes in stainless steel and black stainless steel which provides a modern and futuristic look, enhanced by a touch-screen LED control display and outer water and ice dispenser on the left door. Plus, this particular model was produced with a fingerprint-resistant coating. The standard counter depth will make it much easier for any consumer to slide into the cabinetry, or place in any desired place in the kitchen to get a custom-designed look.








The shelves of this refrigerator are plastic and glass, and silver-accented. As for the middle shelf, it can be adjustable for your convenience, depending on the height of the items you wish to store below. The left door of the refrigerator is equipped with an ice dispenser while the bins are placed around it. The middle bin can be moved in levels, while there are 3 larger bins on the right door. As for the middle drawer/bin, it's not of a large capacity to contain bigger items. The interior is illuminated with two LED lights on the sides and one on top. Also, two humidity-control-equipped crisper drawers are placed at the bottom of the appliance.

Below the refrigerator compartment, two other units exist. On the left side are the freezer compartment with 3 door shelves and 2 drawers. (visuals) The right compartment, as we've stated before, has an adjustable temperature control with the ability to turn the compartment from the freezer to the fridge unit. This control has four settings: freezer, cool, soft freeze, and chill. Which makes it perfect to adjust the compartment performance to your needs (beverage cooling and more).

Features and Specs

Now, let's take a look at some features and specifications of Samsung RF23J9011SR, 23 Cu. Ft. counter-depth 4-Door Flex™.


• 4-Door Counter-Depth Design

• Large Capacity – 23 cu. ft.

• Cool Select Plus

• Triple Cooling System

• Ice Master in the Refrigerator

• ENERGY STAR® Compliant

• High-Efficiency LED Lighting

• Stainless-Look Display

• Stainless Steel Accents on Interior Shelving and Door Bins

• Fingerprint Resistant Coating

• Tempered Glass Spill-Proof Shelves

• Flip-Up Shelf

• Gallon Door Bins

• Two Clear Crispers

• ADA Compliant


Total Capacity: 22.5 cu. ft.

Refrigerator: 13.6 cu. ft.

• Premium External Filtered Water and Ice Dispenser (Crushed or Cubed Ice)

• Ice Master Ice Maker

• High-Efficiency LED Lighting

• 2 Clear Crispers

• 5 Tempered Glass Spill-Proof Shelves – 1 Slide-in & fold-up – 1 Flip-Up – 3 Fixed Cool Select Plus: 4.45 cu. ft.

• 1 EZ Slide-Out Shelf

• 2 Drawers

• 4 Temperature Zones: – 41°F – 30°F – 23°F – -9°F–1°F

• High-Efficiency LED Lighting Freezer: 4.45 cu. ft.

• 1 EZ Slide-Out Shelf

• 2 Freezer Drawers

• High-Efficiency LED Lighting Accessories Water Filter: HAF-CIN

Product Dimensions & Weight

- Dimensions (WxHxD with hinges, handles, and doors): 35 3/4" x 71 7/8" x 28 7/8"

- Dimensions (WxHxD without hinges and door): 35 3/4" x 70 3/4" x 24 1/16"

- Dimensions (WxHxD with hinge and door, no handle): 35 3/4" x 71 7/8" x 28 7/8"

- Weight: 352.7 lbs.


Standard appliance manufacturers' warranty on the market today is one year, and Samsung offers exactly that - one year of parts and labor coverage. If you feel this is not enough for your new investment in this refrigerator, there's a great option we can offer you - purchasing the Extended Protection Plan on your appliance. This option includes full parts and labor coverage for either 3 or 5 years including the manufacturer's warranty as well as 24/7 support. If you are interested in this option, check it out here.


Customer Reviews

Otherwise, we'd like to share some of the most common customer thoughts on this refrigerator. These reports may assist you to create an opinion of your own about this refrigerator and help you get a better perspective on how this refrigerator may serve your household and your family.


- Double usage of a freezer/fridge, bottom-mounted compartment,

- Counter-depth brings a modern, custom look,

- Wide and shallow construction makes items easier to reach or keep the interior clean,

- Size suitable for a family of four,

- The 2 doors for the lower freezer make handling frozen foods so much easier to locate,

- Very easy to set up with touch screen on the door,

- Ice cubes making rate is almost equal to any standard ice maker on the market (approx. 160 ice cubes per day)


- Even it has a fingerprint-resistant coating, it requires wiping every once in a while,

- The drawers can be pulled only halfway out,

- Occasionally the refrigerator produces minor gurgling sounds,

- The ice maker bucket can't be pulled out to access the ice cubes en bulk,

- A few of the bins inside the refrigerator are too small for some items,

- Slightly more expensive than other refrigerators in its class.

Like any other appliance on the market, this freezer has its highs and lows, however many users have various problems with its performance for different reasons. Often, these issues may come up as a result of people not knowing what it is they're paying for. Therefore it's crucial to get all the information on the appliance you're tending to purchase, as it will be there to serve your home and your family for years. Overall, this model has been on the market for more than 5 years which automatically deserves some credit. Additionally, consumer reports all over the web give it an approximate 4.3 out of 5 stars which is a very good rating for the refrigerator. For this reason, and all of the other information we've listed for you in the article above, we think that purchasing a Samsung RF23J9011SR, 23 Cu. Ft. counter depth 4-Door Flex™freestanding French-door refrigerator with Flexzone™ is definitely a "should".