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How To Shop Scratch 'N' Dent and Clearance Appliances

We’ve talked a few times on the best ways to save on budget while purchasing your new appliance or it’s everyday usage. The savings don’t build up immediately but if you save a dollar or two each day, or up to a hundred a month, this may add up to quite an interesting amount. We achieve this by purchasing energy efficient appliances, using various washing cycles, reducing the amount of water and electricity spent, keeping up with rebates and similar. A few other ways to save some bucks on your appliance shopping is purchasing on clearance or buying scratch ‘n’ dent. However, make sure to get all the information well on your appliance, its performance and warranty. Here’s your guide on purchasing scratch ‘n’ dent.


Scratch ‘N’ Dent

Sometimes, after a delivery, when the appliance is unpacked it turns out it has a dent on its finishes. This is the situation when a customer is provided with another new appliance and the affected one is back to the retailer’s scratch ‘n’ dent. Of course we are all looking for the new appliances with their top performance but sometimes these dents may be on the side of the appliance where it would not be visually available, when installed in your home, or it just goes to the laundry room where its outlook just doesn’t matter. Additionally, these appliances are sold with up to 20% discount off the regular price, while still keeping their warranty. For some it may be a perfect way to save some bucks on your purchase while getting the appliance in its top shape and performance.



There are numerous reasons why some products may be put on clearance. They could be discontinued by the manufacturer and no longer available to order, so a retailer really does not need to show it to someone to purchase. The item could have been ordered by mistake. The item could also have been returned to us by the customer for any number of reasons, from the item not looking right in the kitchen, incorrect measurements (product didn’t fit through doorways or in the space), or the customer’s needs changed after ordering. Clearance models differ from floor models in that they are generally not going to be ordered again for display or they are no longer manufactured, or they are customer returns. All floor models will only be that, floor models of current items. It is possible that a floor model becomes a clearance item, if it has been discontinued.

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