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How to Buy an Induction Cooktop

With evolving technology, induction cooking provides us with an instant response to temperature changes and fast heating. This introduces us to the new cooking era and a high-end technology of induction cooktops. Definitely, the feedback differs on using induction cooktops, of course, depending on which type of cooking is preferred. However, there are, absolutely, many advantages in induction cooking as it’s smart, quick, efficient and safe.

Induction cooking creates energy around the glass surface of a cooktop by producing an electro-magnetic field. The stove stays cool so it’s safe-to-touch, and since, in case of induction cooking, cookware is being turned into heating element. 

Pans that heat quickly, reduce cooking time and require little preheating. These cooktops waste much less energy since they have automatic switches that detect if the cookware is on the surface or not. This way, spills will not burn that easily on the surface. The only thing that may be considered a con  to induction cooktops is that you need to make sure your cookware is flat, new and suitable for the cooktop. Induction cooktops are extremely energy-efficient as almost no heat escapes the cooking surface, and because of this, there is a possibility they won’t be needing a ventilation at all.

When purchasing an induction cooktop it’s essential to adjust the product to your needs. First, it’s important to chose an options on the burner layout (1-6) and size which is available in 15”, 30” and 36”. Also, it’s your choice on the practicality, whether you wish for the portable or non-portable cooktop.

Some features come very useful for induction cooktop use. Make sure which of these does your induction cooktop have:

Auto switch-off – that turns the heating element off in case of pan being removed or overheating.

Safety cut-out – which will switch off automatically if a cooking zone is switched on for a longer time without temperature altered.

Power management – a system that divides the power between two cooking zones in a pair.

Overflow protection – a beep will sound in case a spill overflow onto the controls.

Child lock – no matter lower level of danger.

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