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Household Trends In 2022

Household Trends In 2022
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Trends in interior design and households change every year, and new design solutions dictate our habits. For this reason, the need for appliances and other devices that will ensure our comfortable life and meet our needs in performing daily chores has become more necessary. The goal of all this is to spend time at home in a pleasant environment, with modern and safe devices that will make our daily functioning easier.

According to that, numerous trends in the household for 2022 came up, and we would like to give you pointers on how to follow them with these five most important tips.

Smart Homes

Smart home equipment is in charge of a modern and comfortable home. In the past, we could only see in the movies how the actors turn on the light in the house with their voice or regulate the brightness by clapping their hands. Now it has become a reality but in a much more sophisticated way. Switches used only to turn the light bulb on or off are slowly becoming an old-fashioned thing. These are successfully being replaced with smart switches. With the help of these switches and smart light bulbs, we can change the atmosphere in our space, but also control them remotely. For that, we need a smartphone or some other smart device, a suitable application, and, of course, to have a functioning internet connection. So, while you are outside your home, you can provide the desired ambiance in the apartment or control the lights switching on and off in your yard or household. Wi-Fi smart sockets are also part of the equipment that’s becoming mandatory when it comes to modern living. How many times did you come back from halfway because you weren’t sure you turned the appliance off? Did you ever return to a freezing house from your winter vacation there was no one to turn the heat on? With smart outlets, you can forget about such situations. With your smartphone, you will regulate all of that without any problems, and your home will always be waiting for you, heated or cooled, just the way you want it. Sophisticated smart home equipment allows you to operate it remotely. All you need is a smart device and an app. It’s free and available for all Android and iOS smartphones. You can use it to:

  • control the switching on/off for various devices
  • set the daily or weekly program of certain appliances in the household (for example, set to turn the light bulbs on at certain times in certain rooms)
  • determine the desired temperature that you want your appliances to maintain in your home (air conditioning or heating to the desired temperature)
  • turn all smart sockets on or off with one click

Through this app, you will manage smart home equipment very easily. If you add various security devices, such as video surveillance or motion sensor, you can relax whether you are on vacation, at work, or in another room in your home. Thanks to these, you will get a notification for every movement detected in the house on your smartphone at the same time, so you have no reason to worry even if you are, for example, in the kitchen and your child is sleeping in another room.

Due to its purpose and possibilities, smart home equipment is one of the trends unavoidable in 2022.


The minimalist interior also influences the manufacturers of various appliances to adapt to this trend.

Less comfortable living spaces have caused a change in interior design, but also our choice of household appliances. The compact design turns out to be much more interesting and practical than the classic. Minimalism in the interior is also reflected in the work of the home appliance manufacturers, who are starting to make compact appliances with larger capacities - with the same features and specs, but smaller in size. Although this is important with all household appliances, it especially applies to large appliances that can take up a lot of space, and which are now becoming multifunctional. Some of these are refrigerators with increasingly advanced technology, so now, there are combined refrigerators with a freezer compartment that will easily fit into your kitchen. Although you can still buy a special refrigerator, or a freezer (depending on your needs), all those who don’t have enough space will prefer to opt for a combined version of this device. They not only require less space but also allow you to have everything you need in one place. The same happened to wash machines and dryers. Today we can have an appliance that does both jobs. These washing machines with excellent functions and modern design will save valuable space, so even those smaller laundry rooms will visually seem much larger. Such an effect is given by slim washing machines and the same ones for drying clothes. These are machines with multiple functions but the same capacities and characteristics as the classic ones. Besides, there are washer and dryer models designed to match and be able to be stacked one onto another. In order to be able to save space, these appliances are becoming increasingly popular. Multifunction devices are always in trend and therefore, combined refrigerator, and washer/dryer combos are a common choice of consumers nowadays, so more and more people are opting for multifunctional household appliances.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Awareness of the environmental protection, as well as the need to reduce electricity consumption and its rational use, is another trend that's quite present these years The same is true when buying household appliances - we are being much more interested in the energy efficiency of all those household appliances that consume less electricity. These appliances can have a label from A to A +++, which indicates a technology that provides exceptional energy efficiency and rational energy consumption. All of this results in lower electricity loss and saving money. This is especially important with large household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and washing machines, but it shouldn’t be neglected with smaller ones either. By choosing home appliances with high energy efficiency, you will show that you not only take care of electricity consumption but also take care of your environment and future generations.

Air Purification

Air pollution and the quality of the air in our homes increase global attention too. The fight for pure air is a trend that will continue after 2022. This battle is a long and difficult process, but everyone can do something good for themselves. We can improve indoor air quality quite easily. With help of innovative air purifiers, depending on the model, we can neutralize bacteria, remove various polluting particles, neutralize unpleasant odors, and more. Each room can become a healthy environment in which you spend time with your family. There is so much we can do for our loved ones.

It may seem at first that these trends in the household are difficult to achieve, but we believe that we might have convinced you. We’ve shown you everything you should pay attention to. Choose some of the high-efficiency household appliances that will allow you to reduce electricity consumption, those that will take up less space in your home, and smart home appliances that will provide you with easy management and adjustment wherever you are. At Town Appliance you will find a great choice of modern appliances with which your problems will be solved. You can choose practical, useful, economical appliances and you will get a comfortable and healthy living space.

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