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Getting to Know the Smart Home System

The idea of a smart home is not new, as it's development had started almost three decades ago. However, the technology needed to implement this convenience has been far too expensive and out of reach for most buyers up until a few years ago. The Smart Home system enables remote control of devices and appliances, as well as numerous other features in the home. These are the features that we have often been seeing in movies as part of fiction: 

- Turning the lights on and off with voice controls

- Remote control of the devices around the household,security system control.

What Is a Smart Home?

Is it purely about luxury or are there other benefits? Why shouldaspire to have these kinds of gadgets in our home? We will list down all the needed information about the technological advances that are already available to us:

Features Of the "Smart Home"

New technologies in combination with the Internet have made it possible to have remote control over many things in life and the home. You can activate certain commands through an app remotely, and, therefore, enable functioning even when you are not physically present in your home.

It's a big difference compared to setting a timer on an appliancethat we had until now, because now we have direct control "in real time. It gives the possibility to perform the procedures exactly when you want it, to issue commands whenever you want and to monitor the degree of completion of the work. The system can also alert the user about progress, give numerous notifications during the devices' period of operation, and be activated by the sensors so that you have peace of mind while out and about.

Everything can be digitized: lighting, home access permissions, heating and cooling ignition settings, ventilation, gate opening, garages, cameras, watering system, pool automation, lighting for the walkways, and for some, most importantly - appliances. At first glance, everything seems simple and negligible, but in fact the whole system facilitates daily functioning and raises security to a whole new level.

Possibilities Of the Smart Home System 

Security System

The advanced technology of these modern times has helped the smart home to have the ability to open doors without keys, usinga different method of identification. Registration is possible by phone, app, or RFID wristband to name a few. In addition to camera control, the user can receive information about movement around the home and who accessed it within the desired portion of the day or night. Each person can have a different level of access, so the smart system is something that is also applied to business premises and greatly facilitates clearly defined movement. The smart home will open the gate and garage when it reads license plates or detects your location near the house via GPS. On the other hand, the owner will be immediately alerted if someone tries to force their way in, so your home is definitely much safer than before.

Sensor System 

Light sensors are something that has become a standard, so classic light bulbs are being replaced with Wi-Fi or motion sensor ones. They can be used for other purposes as well. You can use your phone to turn lights on and off, set the timer, adjust the intensity of light as needed, blinds can be lowered when sunlight is detected, the windows close when the sensors feel the first drops of rain. If the sensors say the soil is wet, watering will not be activated outside, while some commands are turned on if the weather forecast is unfavorable, and sensors for smoke, flood, gas, air quality, electric shocks and other alarms will activate as needed. Every change can be monitored through a smart phone or smart device, and many problems can be solved early on. In addition, with smart systems it is proven that you will save on electricity and water, and heating costs are lower, so it is worth investing in such improvements.

Constant Learning and Improvement Of the System 

Such systems are smart because not only are they able to store a huge amount of data and give commands, but also learn from them and recommend a way of control and behavior of the devices in your home driven by your habits. In addition to the above operations, every device or appliance in a home can be connected to this system, such as household appliances. This way, you can have a preheated meal, a robot vacuum cleaner on, or remote activation of the washing machine or dryer. 

How to Set Up a Smart System? 

Many future homeowners know how important it is that the home functions flawlessly and makes life easier, so when building a house, they ask for the installation of all sensors, cables, light bulbs and switches. Since electricity is consumed optimally and the living space is protected from various accidents, this investment pays for itself over several years of use. If you have decided to improve your home, you can do so at any time, one step at a time.

In order to get the full benefit, it is best to contact a company that deals with the installation of smart home systems so that they can evaluate what would be good to install in your situation. Of course, all light bulbs and switches can be replaced, and the installation of sensors puts the entire living space under control. It would be good to use the full potential of such possibilities that go beyond replacing sockets, switches and light bulbs in one home. Smart homes will very soon become a standard option in every home and routinely included in every type of construction. Smart home system saves time, money and improves living space. That is why we at Town Appliance are constantly working on improving it and expanding its possibilities to the satisfaction of all users.

Did you know that smart homes work like this? Would it be more beneficial to you if your house opened the garage, turned on the lights and lowered the electrical bill? Then, wait no more and plan your installation. Meanwhile, we invite you to check out our wide selection of smart appliances designed to fit any modern smart home system here at