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Frigidaire vs. Friedrich Air Conditioners

Frigidaire vs. Friedrich Air Conditioners

It can be quite a hassle looking for a new air conditioner. Choosing the style, the brand, the power… Needless to say it’s no problem to find cheap, any kind of air conditioner for less than a standard price as soon as you walk out of your home, but as we all need our appliances to function and perform for years, it’s of a great essence to look around and pick thoroughly. If you’re wondering which air conditioner brand may do the job and last long, as you enjoy a cool home atmosphere without worrying, everyone will, among other brands, recommend Frigidaire or Friedrich. 

In this article we will go through features and specifications of both Frigidaire and Friedrich air conditioners and ease your hassle when searching for a new air conditioner.


Air conditioners from Frigidaire vary from 5000 to 25000 BTUs. Both window and wall-mounted air conditioners are offered by this brand. One of the things that Frigidaire air conditioners are recognized for is the top facing air discharge with two rotating air-flow guides able to direct cool air into the desired direction with maximum precision. Additionally, these are placed high with Energy Star rating which will ensure your absolute comfort with high efficiency. Some of their models have a remote control that can be placed in the other room from where they’ll be acting as a thermostat. This is where the remote control communicates to the air conditioner and it will make an attempt to maintain the desired temperature in the room where the remote control is located.

Frigidaire air-conditioners are a bit louder than their competition but can certainly cool quicker as the fan assembly is bigger and stronger to move air more efficiently. Programmable timers are offered for presetting on and off time running. Select window mounted units now have additional side curtain insulation panels that can be cut to the window width size to help with sound deadening and thermal protection.


If we talk about the price range, Frigidaire has a long line of options, starting from $300 and up to $2000 for air conditioners. These ACs vary from 5.000 to 35.000 BTUs and they can heat and cool during the whole year. 


When it comes to the Chill series of window air conditioners, a popular lineup from Friedrich, the fan assemblies are designed with quiet operation in mind. The cooling fan blade is well-hidden behind the face plate and channeled through the air discharge on the right front face, which equates to low decibel levels while in operation. The all-metal cabinet and slide out chassis (component tray) help isolate any compressor and condenser fan noise that's associated with window and wall air conditioners. 

From a servicing point of view, the slide out chassis models are much easier to work with because the consumer will not need to disturb the window or wall if cleaning is needed. A simple turn of a few security screws and a quick pull leaves the sleeve mounted behind as you remove the unit. At most, a cover would be needed to keep out drafts and insects in the event of servicing.

These models also tend to be Energy Star rated and they come with remote controls, 24-hour start and stop timers, and a built-in automatic air swing option. Select Friedrich models have Wi-Fi capabilities for unit programming and operation when away from your home. Be sure to give Friedrich air conditioning products a look when you are in the market for a new air conditioner.


Wall fit options range from around $599 for 13,000 BTUs to $939 for 14,000 BTUs plus supplemental heat. Friedrich's Uni-Fit technology allows these models to fit in 24.5", 26", and 27" sleeves thanks to a universal trim ring to fill gaps up to 1" on the sides and .5" on top. They also offer the commercial-grade heat pump WallMaster series starting at $749 up to $1,299 for a through-the-wall installation that's compatible with thicker walls.

Who Wins?

Both Friedrich and Frigidaire offer a wide variety of air conditioners, window units, wall units, portable units, and mini splits. Friedrich ensures quieter operation and has a modern design throughout their model selection, but is more expensive. Frigidaire could be a great option if you need a basic air conditioner that's reliable, but as you approach higher-end models the differences are less obvious.

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